Green Party "the not so secret life of the 5 year old politicians" by Creature London

The Green Party has cast political figures such as Boris Johnson as five-year-olds squabbling in a playground in its election broadcast ahead of London's mayoral elections.

Creature London created the ad, which introduces the political establishment as children squabbling with each other and engaging in pointless one-upmanship. At the end of the spot, the action cuts away to a contrasting Green Party spokeswoman (an adult) who talks about the party's focus on the common good before urging people to vote Green on 5 May. There are two versions of the film with speeches from the Green Party spokeswoman tailored to either the London mayoral election or the national local elections. The ad was created by Lydia Raghaven and Tori Fannon, and directed by Neil Harris through Smuggler. It broke on TV on 6 April.


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