Green Party's shopping-channel spoof calls out political lies

Latest party political broadcast by Creature points finger at inauthentic politicians.

The Green Party hits back at distrustful politicians in a shopping-channel spoof for its latest party political broadcast. 

The ad, created by Creature, will air on BBC One and ITV this evening (13 February). It imagines a fake shopping channel segment called Quick Win TV, described as "the go-to place for every politician in need of votes". 

During the segment, the two hosts present wares aimed at helping inauthentic politicians, such as the "Faux-sterity Edition Budget Briefcase" and the "NHS Calculator", which works out an impressive number of nurses you can pledge to inject into the NHS, regardless of reality.

The light tone of the film masks a darker message that is slowly revealed: these "jokes" have been used by politicians as recently as the last election, if not since.

It tackles the distrust that many people feel towards political parties and shares a message that these "quick win" tactics are not used by the Green Party.

Siân Berry, co-leader of the party and Green candidate for London mayor, appears in the broadcast and calls for a rejection of lies and political "bluster" in favour of hardworking, honest Green Party representatives. 

Creature also created a spoof website on which many of the items in the ad are on sale. Clicking a "Buy Now" button leads to an error page which says: "Sorry, but it's time this sort of politics was closed down." 

Gemma Walker, head of communications for the party, said: "Quick-win politics is what we’re seeing everywhere we look at the moment and everyone is just tired of it. The takeaway from this film is that the Green Party is where people can feel confident to put their trust and their votes if they want to see things that matter actually getting done in their communities. We deliver what we say we will and don’t rely on spin to get people to believe in us."

The work was created by Steven Dodd and Josh Dando, and directed by KAM through Ntropic.

This is the fourth ad that Creature has made for the Green Party and follows satirical broadcasts "The not so secret life of five-year-old politicians", "The race to number 10" and "Change the tune".

Dan Cullen-Shute, chief executive of Creature, added: "In a political world that's somewhat lacking in consistency or common sense, the Green Party continue to show their enviable commitment to both – not least in bringing us on board to make another party political broadcast, which we were as excited to do as we’ve ever been. And, as ever, we couldn't be more proud of what we've produced with that brilliant gang."