Greenpeace launches Bond 'Coalfinger' short

LONDON - Greenpeace has launched its own version of a famous Bond film - to warn about the dangers of coal-fired power stations.

The animation, titled "Coalfinger" features voiceovers from Brian Blessed and David Mitchell.

It centres on the plan to build the first new UK coal-fired power station in the UK for 30 years at Kingsnorth, Kent.

Tracy Frauzel, head of Greenpeace online UK, said: "We're grateful to all the talented people who have helped put Coalfinger together and hope it will inspire many more to find their inner super hero and join us."?

The concept was devised by Niall Towl, co-written by Niall Towl and Simon Fairhead and directed by Niall Towl and Jason Attar for Telly Juice Productions.

The short was designed and produced by Blue-Zoo animation.