Greenpeace re-brands Boris' 'Vote Leave' bus outside Parliament

The environmentalist group Greenpeace hijacked Boris Johnson's famous 'Vote Leave' campaign battle bus for a stunt outside Parliament on 18 July.


The bogus claim that £350m would be freed up to spend on the NHS by leaving the EU emblazoned on the side of the bus was covered up by thousands of questions from the public for the new government written on stickers.

The stickers were used to form a montage that spelled out the words ‘TIME FOR TRUTH’ in huge white letters on the side of the bus with the hashtag #comeclean.

Members of the public could add their questions in person, or submit them online via the Greenpeace website.

By the end of the day the bus was covered in more than 10,000 questions many written by people concerned that the EU laws that protect nature are now under threat. Laura from Swansea wrote: "I voted leave. My greatest concern for our island is to protect what little natural habitat we have left. I hope the government will not let the country down on this issue."

Speaking from the bus, Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said: "The referendum campaign was marred by exaggerations and lies, but now we need the truth. That’s why we’re covering Boris Johnson’s battle bus with thousands of questions for the new government from Leave and Remain voters.

"Only 329 MPs got to vote on who the next Prime Minister would be. The public didn’t get a say, they want answers about the future, and this time they want the truth."

Earlier this month homeless charity Shelter opened a pop-up boutique to mark its 50th anniversary.

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