Greenpeace "Turtle journey" (in-house)

Greenpeace has teamed up with Academy Award-winning actresses Olivia Colman and Dame Helen Mirren for an animated campaign highlighting the impact of pollution on ocean life.

"Turtle journey" follows a family of turtles as they travel from their grandparents’ home at the bottom of the ocean. However, their route home takes a deadly turn when they are faced with plastic pollution, oil drilling and overfishing.

The film ends as the mother (voiced by Colman) is killed as a result of human interference on the ocean floor, prompting the message: "Six out of seven sea turtles are threatened with extinction. We need sanctuaries across a third of the world’s oceans to keep turtles and other animals safe."

This comes with a plea urging viewers to sign Greenpeace’s petition calling for a Global Ocean Treaty, which aims to protect oceans from overfishing and mining. It was written by Sam Morrison and directed by Gavin Strange through Aardman, the creative minds behind Wallace & Gromit.