'Greetings from Lockdown' has officially made postcards sexy again

Look me in the eye and tell me you don't want one of these. You'd be lying.

'Greetings from Lockdown' has officially made postcards sexy again

Remember the last time you actually mailed a postcard?

Yeah. Me neither. That’s some early 90s shit. Or, it was -- until these two creatives made them cool again.

Victoria Rosselli and Robyn Frost, two creatives at FCB Chicago, have rolled out a series of quarantine-friendly postcards called "Greetings from Lockdown."

"I was reading the New York Times and I came across a piece that showed the most populated areas of cities completely empty," explained Rosselli. "It made me think -- our cities are completely unknown to us now. All we know is what’s outside our window. As Robyn and I are in different cities during the quarantine, we would send each other photos back and forth of our views: her downtown Chicago skyline which I miss dearly and my dogs roaming around my family’s backyard."

The duo got to work reinventing the postcard using photos sent by family and friends showcasing the view they have from their home windows. 

Rosselli continued: "The colors of the Brooklyn postcard were inspired by that one view of the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo that everyone takes a photo of -- the blue arches and the brownstones that surround it immediately came to mind. The Vancouver image did a lot of the heavy lifting as it gave me straight Airbnb vibes -- all it needed was a clean serif to compliment it."

Frost, a Brit 4,000 miles away from her home, said the photo sharing has been cathartic and the new perspective we get from our quarantine window made for a cool creative exploration.

She said: "What made this whole process unique was being unable to art direct the photos we received. While we had complete creative control over the type and photo editing, we were limited to whatever our friends’ window view entailed. 

"The best part of taking on a personal project is setting your own rules and expectations. When there’s added pressure of a strict timeline, the fun is taken out. We managed to listen to each other if we were overwhelmed with agency work and took everything at our own pace. 

"We received an overwhelming amount of responses and are so happy to see how many people resonated with it. We can only hope that this resonates with more people as we do our part as citizens by staying inside."

Follow the creatives on social and send them a picture of your window view for a chance to see it in all its postcard glory.