Grey creates Flash Wipes TV spots

Procter & Gamble is testing new TV advertising for a variant of its Flash range.

Grey London has produced the tactical campaign, which will run on regional television to alert consumers to the benefits of using Flash Antibacterial Wipes.

The two spots, breaking this week, are significantly different from the commercials for the Flash all-purpose cleaners which feature the TV comedy actor Karl Howman.

The new ads adopt a "slice of life" style and target young mothers by highlighting hygiene threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.

In one, the family dog is seen licking its genitals before licking a child's high chair.

Another shows a small boy running a toy tractor through a cat litter tray, then over a chopping board a chicken is about to be prepared on.

The endline is: "Flash Antibacterial Wipes. Because you can't see everything."

The ads were written by Lee Brook, art directed by Tony Haigh and directed by Big Soda, a collective of three directors, through Thomas Thomas. P&G is handling its own media buying.

The ads, made in little more than a week and with a modest budget, are understood to have been produced at the suggestion of the agency, which had originally been asked to adapt existing work.

Dave Alberts, Grey's executive creative director, said: "I'm very proud of the work. We have created new commercials based on a genuine product truth that is the beginning of a potentially long-running campaign. The ads have the legs to go further, should P&G want it."

Introduced into the UK in April 1999, the wipes are said to kill most bacteria, including E.coli, salmonella and listeria, as they clean.

The new advertising will complement, not replace, the long-running Howman campaign for Flash, as part of P&G's ongoing strategy to build market share against Unilever's Cif brand.