Grey Global Group sues Steve Blamer

Grey Global Group is suing its former chief executive Steve Blamer for breaching his employment agreement.

The network is also suing the Interpublic Group and one of its networks, FCB Worldwide, for wrongfully interfering with Blamer's agreements with Grey and aiding and abetting his alleged misconduct.

Blamer quit Grey in January to become FCB's chairman and chief executive.

The suit alleges that he breached his obligations to Grey when he recruited Steve Centrillo and Chris Schumaker.

Schumaker became Grey's senior vice-president and director of development in July.

Centrillo left Grey to become IPG's executive vice-president and chief growth officer until he moved to become the chief executive of FCB New York this month.

Grey alleges that Interpublic named Centrillo its chief growth officer to hide the fact that Blamer was involved in hiring him for the FCB job.

Grey claims neither IPG nor FCB would have hired Centrillo without Blamer's involvement.

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