Grey Goose provides cocktail canning picnic service

Project is part of Bacardi’s on-trade support initiative #RaiseYourSpirits.

Grey Goose: London Cocktail Club in Clapham offers cocktails from a window hatch
Grey Goose: London Cocktail Club in Clapham offers cocktails from a window hatch

Grey Goose is upping its picnic credentials by partnering bars to provide a cocktail canning service that is part of Bacardi's on-trade support initiative.

Grey Goose "Cocktails-To-Go" will see cocktails freshly mixed by bartenders and then canned and ready to be sipped in the park, on the move, or at home.

The service is now being offered by London Cocktail Club in Clapham directly from a window hatch. Three seasonal serves are available: the Grey Goose Le Fizz, Grey Goose Tropical and Grey Goose Berry.

The initiative, which will be rolled out across other major cities this spring, has partnered Oxo Tower in London, Never Really Here in Edinburgh and Science & Industry in Manchester. Each can has a custom design inspired by the area the bar resides in.

Grey Goose will be gifting the canning machines to the bar partners as part of Bacardi #RaiseYourSpirits initiative aimed to support the hospitality industry reopening post-lockdown.

Kate Whitehead, European brand director of Grey Goose, said: "The impact of lockdown on the hospitality industry has been unlike anything we've seen before, which is why Bacardi launched #RaiseYourSpirits. This global initiative is helping our partner bars and restaurants navigate their way through the crisis and come out the other side. In the UK, an early example of how #RaiseYourSpirits helped the on-trade tap into new revenue streams was our Deliveroo campaign, which helped local bars establish their first ever home delivery service last summer.

"We're excited #RaiseYourSpirits has now extended to Grey Goose cocktails-to-go, allowing people across the UK to enjoy delicious, bar-quality drinks freshly made and canned on the spot by their local bartenders."