Grilled cheese emergency? Kraft has your back

Have no fear - the cheese brand is coming to the rescue this holiday season.

Grilled cheese emergency? Kraft has your back

Times Square is magical during the holidays, but it’s also hectic, crowded and noisy, which means it can be a lot for parents traveling with children. Have no fear, moms and dads. Kraft has the solution: a good, old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich.

On Thursday, December 20, Kraft will deliver free cheesy happiness to parents in Times Square with their children between noon and 6 p.m. All the parents have to do is text CHZ to 797979 with their name, location and number of grilled cheese sandwiches - and voila, toddler meltdown prevented.

According to Kraft research, more than 80 percent of kids in America like grilled cheese, which a staple item for Kraft American Cheese Slices for 100-plus years. So, brave Times Square-going parents, get your mobile devices ready for tomorrow’s cheese-filled rescue mission, which was created in partnership with Leo Burnett and production company City Eventions.