Guardian ads focus on 'truth'

Seven months after appointing W&K, the news group finally unveils its new branding strategy.

The Guardian will next week launch the first brand advertising work created by Wieden & Kennedy, which it appointed last August.

The new activity, which will run in poster and bus-side formats, features bold, bright colours that are designed to amplify The Guardian's four core values. The ads support both the print and online versions of The Guardian, while Tribal DDB has developed an online campaign. A cinema campaign will follow in September.

DDB London's "think" approach has not been replaced by one consistent strapline. Instead, the campaign uses a variety, which include "Listen to many. Decide for yourself" and "Owned by no-one. Free to say anything", which are designed to convey The Guardian's "independence" and "plurality of views".

Marc Sands, the director of marketing at Guardian News & Media, said: "It's a classic piece of design that makes a point brilliantly and will stand out."

Sands said the use of bold colour reflects The Guardian's product, which offers colour on every page of its Berliner edition. He added: "It's a very upbeat news-paper. Readers know that, but there's a percentage of people out there who don't."

He said around 20 per cent of The Guardian's spend would be devoted to brand activity, with the remainder focused on tactical activity, which will adopt the tone and style of the brand work.

Sands said the work would stand out in the newspaper market: "It's part of a new wave of advertising that is about the truth. In ads such as Sony Bravia's and iPod's, there's not a strategic insight in there worth its salt, but they offer a great amplification of what the product can do."