Guardian restructures sales to increase revenues

LONDON - Guardian Newspapers is restructuring into four divisions in a bid to maximise revenues beyond display advertising.

The core activities of The Guardian, The Observer and Guardian Unlimited, as well as human resources and marketing, will sit in a new division called Guardian Content.

Other divisions created are Guardian Recruitment Solutions, Guardian Professional and GNL Enterprises.

Guardian Newspapers is seeking a head for the Enterprises division, which will  maximise revenues from syndication, Guardian Weekly, Guardian Films, Guardian Books and Money Observer.

Helen Bird, the general manager of Guardian Recruitment, will become the managing director of Recruitment Solutions.

Colin Hughes, the managing director of the education division Learn, heads Guardian Professional, which will develop revenues from content in the business-to-business and education sectors.

Each division will operate as a separate unit reporting to the Guardian Newspapers chief executive, Carolyn McCall. A key aim of the restructure is to build revenues produced by the newspaper group by having dedicated management to drive growth in different sectors.

McCall said: "After the focus on the newspapers, we needed to think about digital and to demonstrate that the Berliner launch is only the beginning of something, rather than an end in itself."

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