The Guardian "Work in progress" by Oliver

The Guardian marks its 200th anniversary with a campaign touting its role as a "work in progress" challenger brand.

Created with in-house agency Oliver, the campaign centres around the line: "A work in progress since 1821". It focuses on The Guardian’s independent ownership and progressive voice while encouraging more readers to support the publication. 

Billboards in London and Manchester include lines such as, "The cat among the pigeons" and "Reader funded not billionaire backed". Three films, produced by Independent Films, explore the idea of progress as it relates to the environment, equality and humanity. They are voiced by the late author Ursula K Le Guin, former Observer journalist Alan Ross, and English poet and author Salena Godden. There will also be ads on podcasts such as Reasons to be Cheerful, Kermode on Film, Adam Buxton, Scummy Mummies and Intelligence Squared.


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