Can you guess which agencies these emojis represent?

Man, woman, snake, apple: who is this?

Who could it possibly be?
Who could it possibly be?

With some extra social time on our hands, Campaign's Fayola Douglas has finally been able to put her vacuous millenial texting habits to good use.

We have taken 10 shops – the first nine from the top 100 creative agencies list, as compiled by Nielsen – and used emojis to represent their names. To make question 10 more challenging, it is an agency not in the top 100.

Now, remember: to be successful at this quiz, you'll need to think creatively, not literally. The meaning of an emoji is in the eye of the beholder.

Why not give this a go during your team drinks at the online pub? Please share your intrepretations of your own "Emojincies" with us on Twitter @Campaignmag.

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