H Bauer prepares to unveil magazine for teenage girl market

The publisher H Bauer is preparing to throw its hat into the

turbulent teen magazine market, as speculation builds that Emap Elan's

young women's title, Elle Girl, will not survive beyond its first


Bauer, which launched the fortnightly Real earlier this year, is in the

advanced stages of developing a title aimed at younger women. The

famously tight-lipped publisher has recently brought in the former Mizz

editor, Lesley Johnston, to work on the project, which will fill a

youth-shaped gap in its portfolio left by the closure of the weekly

Enjoy! in 1997.

"Like any publisher, we have a lot of projects on the go and a lot of

talent coming through our doors," Bauer's publishing director, Liz

Watkinson, said. "I'm sure we are not the only publisher looking at

different markets."

Emap Elan insists that its own teen title, Elle Girl, will bring out a

second quarterly issue in January, despite having been sold to agencies

as a one-off special.

The publisher also denied that those members of the Elle Girl launch

team not also employed on the main Elle title had left the company.

The teen sector saw some catastrophic losses in last month's ABC

figures, with Sugar, Bliss and 19 all suffering double-digit

year-on-year circulation declines.