Habitat makes its return to Twitter

LONDON - Retailer Habitat has made a return to Twitter almost three months after it was accused of trying to hijack topical issues including the Iranian elections for promotional purposes.

Habitat began posting again on Twitter this afternoon having stopped tweeting in June when it was accused of of spamming users of the micro blogging service.

It first posts on the service today were: "We're back. Sorry it took so long.

"This time we want to get it right, tell us what you want to hear from us and we'll mark suggestions in our favourites."

In the Summer Habitat blamed an "over-enthusiastic intern" for its attempt to use the Iranian election and the launch of Apple's new iPhone.

It used hashtags '#mousavi', referring to an Iranian presidential candidate, and '#iphone', but posted messages encouraging people to sign-up to its database with the chance to win a £1,000 gift card.

At the time Habitat said that it had not authorised the Twitter messages and claimed they were created by an intern.

There had been speculation on Twitter that the Habitat intern blamed for the debacle did not exist. However Daren Forsyth, who tweets as @DarrenBBC, and became closely associated with the story, tweeted that while many were doubtful of the intern's existence, the retailer had told him that "the intern did exist, so I believe".

Habitat said on Twitter it hoped to be able to deal with customer service on Twitter soon, but in the meantime was directing people to its website for help.