Habito "The Road to Completion" by Uncommon

Online mortgage company Habito enlisted Rocky Flintstone of My Dad Wrote a Porno fame to pen an erotic novel ahead of Valentine's Day.

The campaign aims to reignite intimacy among couples who are stressed out during the home-buying process. Habito commissioned the story, entitled The Road to Completion, from Rocky Flintstone, which is the pen name of a man who writes amateur erotic fiction and is the subject of the hit podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno. The steamy tale follows first-time buyers Sylvia and Tom as they explore mortgage deals, potential houses and each other’s bodies – giving new meaning to the phrase "property porn". The book was illustrated by Munich-based illustrator Sebastian Schwamm, who created suggestive imagery such as phallic cacti, protruding nipple-shaped flowers and seductive keyhole openings.