Hailo protests 'faceless' driverless cars by projecting cabbies onto London landmarks

Taxi hailing app Hailo has launched a protest against driverless cars, projecting portraits of its drivers onto famous landmarks in London.

  • Cabbie portraits on Marble Arch

    Cabbie portraits on Marble Arch

  • China Town

    China Town

  • Southbank


  • Covent Garden

    Covent Garden

  • Southbank



The ‘Face to faceless’ campaign sees cabbie portraits projected onto buildings in China Town, Marble Arch, Covent Garden, and the Southbank.

The idea is to highlight the intrinsic connection between cabs and London’s architecture, according to Hailo’s CMO, Gary Bramall.

He said: "People don’t want robots; they need to know that their driver will get them from A to B safely and securely.

"Nothing can replace the relationship a passenger builds with their driver and we need to stand up for drivers."

He added: "Cabbies have been a part of this city for hundreds of years and the move towards driverless cars is killing not only an entire profession, but a huge part of Britain’s heritage."

It isn’t clear how long the campaign will run, but marks one month until National Cabbie Day on 27 April.


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