Haines leads move to lift 'transparency' of IPA policy-making

The IPA has scrapped its "cabal" of senior advisers amid fears that

they have been playing too powerful a role in shaping the agency body's


The president's committee has fallen victim to the determination of

Bruce Haines, the IPA's newly elected president, to ensure policy-making

is transparent.

The move follows mounting concern that the president's committee was

agreeing most major policy decisions, leaving the ruling IPA Council

merely to rubber-stamp them.

Now, the president's committee has given way to a steering committee

comprising the IPA's principal officers and the chairs of its key


Instead of setting the agenda for council meetings, the steering

committee will act as a "think tank", identifying key topics facing the

industry and preparing "green papers" so that council members are fully

briefed before they meet. IPA executives are hopeful this will speed the

decision-making process.

The change follows recommendations from a working party chaired by David

Kershaw, the M&C Saatchi founding partner, which investigated the IPA's

command structure.