Half-Term Reports 2013: Arena

Campaign asked the ad and media industry to rate and summarise their performance so far in 2013, ahead of our School Reports for 2014. Here's how Arena view the first six months of their year.

Score (self-awarded): 7

Number of staff: 150

New business / billings: £23m - Betfair £15m UK, LG £6m, Nanoblur £2m

Summary of the year so far: "2013 has seen the final stages of the agency's transition to the post BLM era, with a number of strong appointments (including Bobby Hui, CSO, and Mark Holden, Head of Futures). The elevation of Pedro Avery to CEO and Henry Daglish to MD has given us a powerful and robust leadership team equipped for the future. Very strong first 6 months within the world of new business which has seen us win two highly competitive pitches for LG and Betfair. Disappointments have been saying goodbye to Thomas Cook and Mirror Group Newspaper - but overall it has been the strongest 6 months in new business in Arena's history. We have continued executing progressive and innovative work for our clients: drawing on our expertise in content with the Domino's Support Group project; bringing ZSL back to TV screens for the first time in 20 years; and running Haven's first OOH campaign."

Awards won so far in 2013: "Outdoor Planning Awards 2013; Grand Prize Winner - Eurostar Live; Arena, Posterscope and The Cloud and Compass. Outdoor Planning Awards 2013; Best Use of Digital in Outdoor - Eurostar Live; Arena, Posterscope and The Cloud and Compass.CIMTIG (Travel Marketing Awards) 2013: Best Poster/Advertisement Campaign - Eurostar Live (Platinum Standard)."