Half-Term Reports 2013: The Communications Agency

Score (self-awarded): 7

Number of staff: 45

New business / billings: Vue Cinemas, Thorntons Chocolates, Cancer Research - The Booby Moore Fund UK, The Anne Frank Trust - £3-4 million

Summary of the year so far: "We are pleased with our progress. Some big advertising wins (Cancer Research, Thorntons Chocolates, Vue Cinemas) and some very good work (everything from a major new Nat West TV campaign to the re-launch of the Playboy Club and an ad for The Anne Frank Trust featuring hundreds of children in David Cameron masks). We even found time to finish our own new website. As we head off on hols, we can reflect with pride on the impact of our new Exec Creative Director Jon Canning with a pipeline of great work to follow. It of course is a fiercely competitive marketplace at the moment and our main observation otherwise is how much effort every agency is putting in to every aspect of New Business. There is no room for complacency. So for the second half of the year our wish is simply for more of the same and the sun to stay shining. Easy! "

Awards won so far in 2013: