Half-Term Reports 2013: Havas Worldwide London

Campaign asked the ad and media industry to rate and summarise their performance so far in 2013, ahead of our School Reports for 2014. Here's how Havas Worldwide London view the first six months of their year.

Half-Term Reports 2013: Havas Worldwide London

Score (self-awarded): 7

Number of staff: 210

New business / billings: Mothercare and Maggie's (billings TBC)

Summary of the year so far: A busy half year bringing in brilliant talent - Justin Vir (Head of Digital), Leila Bartlam (Head of Film), Lisa Bowcott (Planning Director) plus promotions including Anthony Edwards (Strategy Director) and Jess Tarpey (Head of New Business). Mothercare and Maggie's wins have kept new business ticking over and Cannes Film Craft Gold (Credit Suisse) a nice way to mark the half year.

Awards won so far in 2013: "Cannes Lions

Gold        ‘Film Craft Lions -  Art Direction/Product Design’        Credit Suisse - Metamorphosis
Shortlisted        ‘Film Lions - Long Format Internet Film’        Credit Suisse - Metamorphosis

British Arrows         

Bronze        ‘Household Soaps, Detergents and Toiletries’        Durex - Vinyl         
Bronze        ‘Best 30 second TV Commercial’        Durex - Vinyl         
Creative Circle

Shortlisted        ‘Experiential - Best Branded Environment’        Evian - Playground         
Shortlisted        ‘Digital - Best Online Game’        Durex - Vinyl Facebook Game
Shortlisted         ‘Film Craft - Best Production Design’        Credit Suisse – Metamorphosis  
Art Directors Club (ADC) Advertising

Merit        ‘Broadcast Craft: TV Music/Sound Design’        Durex - Vinyl         
The One Show Interactive

Merit        ‘Long Form – Single’        Chivas - Twinkle         
Merit        ‘Music Videos’        Durex - Vinyl         
Merit        ‘Long Form – Single’        Credit Suisse – Metamorphosis         
Merit        ‘Animation/Motion Graphics’        Credit Suisse – Metamorphosis        
Clio Awards

Shortlisted         ‘Film – Online’        Durex - Vinyl                  
Gold        ‘Film Technique - Music adapted’        Durex - Vinyl        
Shortlisted        ‘Film Technique - Art direction’        Credit Suisse – Metamorphosis                 
New York Festival

Finalist Certificate         ‘Digital - Interactive Applications’        Durex - Vinyl Facebook Game         
Finalist Certificate         ‘Film - Craft - Art Direction’        Credit Suisse - Metamorphosis                  
Finalist Certificate        ‘Film - Craft - Best use of Music’        Durex - Vinyl
Finalist Certificate        ‘Film - Craft – Cinematography’        VO5 - Pageant         
Golden Award of Montreux

Gold        ‘Creative Use of Media – Ambient Media’        Evian - Playground                 
Gold        ‘Digital Interactive - Mobile Multimedia’        VO5 - Village Your Hair                  
Gold         ‘TV/Cinema – Humor’        Durex - Vinyl"