Half Term Reports 2014: 18 Feet & Rising

Campaign asked the ad and media industry to rate and summarise their performance so far in 2014, ahead of our School Reports for 2015. Here's how 18 Feet & Rising view the first six months of their year.

  • Kopparberg by 18 Feet & Rising

    Kopparberg by 18 Feet & Rising

  • National Trust by 18 Feet & Rising

    National Trust by 18 Feet & Rising

  • Nationwide by 18 Feet & Rising

    Nationwide by 18 Feet & Rising


Score (self-awarded): 8

Number of staff: 41

New business / billings: £9 Million/£49 million

Summary of the year so far: "It’s gone fucking quickly. Won a place on the VW roster, after narrowly avoiding being marriage wreckers for Škoda globally. Seduced Nationwide into some recognisably better work, put the National Trust on TV for the first time with ’50 Things to do before you are 11 3/4’, plus Nando’s Wing Roulette, Kopparberg Eclectics summer campaign and a turkey of the week for Cuprinol. A big win about to be announced making up for the smaller one that evaporated in our hands. Hired Greg Hemes from Saatchi & Saatchi amongst first of seven new hires. And JT made the Debrett’s 500 most influential people in the Sunday Times, which raised more than a smile internally."

Awards won so far in 2014:


Pick of the Year: 

Ikea, "beds" by Mother

Turkey of the Year: 

Nike, "winner stays on" by Wieden + Kennedy Portland