Half Term Reports 2014: The Brooklyn Brothers

Campaign asked the ad and media industry to rate and summarise their performance so far in 2014, ahead of our School Reports for 2015. Here's how The Brooklyn Brothers view the first six months of their year.

  • Castrol EDGE by The Brooklyn Brothers

    Castrol EDGE by The Brooklyn Brothers

  • NBC by The Brooklyn Brothers

    NBC by The Brooklyn Brothers

  • The Secret Tour of Iceland by The Brooklyn Brothers

    The Secret Tour of Iceland by The Brooklyn Brothers


score (self-awarded): 8

Number of staff: 70

New business / billings: £18 Million

Summary of the year so far: "We continue to bring Hollywood, entertainment and branding together to create a social whirl of content and marketing activity for our clients. This year, we even came up with a catchy name for it: Blockbuster Branding.

In the first six months of the year, we’ve put our clients in front of over 40 million people worldwide - virtually without a penny spent on big traditional media. We’ve taken Ken Block racing in the dark for Castrol, we’ve put a Land Rover and a Virgin Galactic spaceship on an aircraft carrier, and we’ve brought back Ted Lasso, our incompetent NBC ‘coach’ with his own unique take on Premier League Football.

Blockbuster Branding has also captured the attention of new clients and the matchmakers, too. We took a place on the global Remy Cointreau roster, followed by high profile wins for Land Rover’s global content & Jaguar Land Rover’s Experiences business bringing a further £5m billings to the agency. And we were placed second in the Virgin Atlantic Airways pitch. Second sucks.

In July, Ad Age even named us their ‘large’ Small Agency of the Year. Of course, Ad Age is no Campaign Magazine, but still… we’ll take it."

Awards won so far in 2014: 

British Arrows Awards 2014

Best Television & Radio Station Promotions: Bronze

NBC, NBC Sport’s Premier League "an American coach in London"

Ad Age Awards 2014

Best Small Agency of the Year: Gold 

Pick of the Year: "Boyhood", a film by Richard Linklater

Turkey of the Year: "River of Fundament", a film by Matthew Barney