Half Term Reports 2014: Creature London

Campaign asked the ad and media industry to rate and summarise their performance so far in 2014, ahead of our School Reports for 2015. Here's how Creature London view the first six months of their year.

  • Carling by Creature London

    Carling by Creature London

  • William Hill by Creature London

    William Hill by Creature London


Score (self-awarded): 7

Number of staff: 35

New business / billings: £21 Million

Summary of the year so far: 2014 started with one hell of a bang as we picked up Carling Global and William Hill in the first week of January, which meant that the agency went from 18 people to 32 before February was out. We turned down a few pitches in those early months; always a tough call for a growing business as we looked to bed in both those new clients and the new creatures. Every single one of whom has proved to be sodding great. We’ve made a load of stuff (TV ads, Party Political Broadcasts, posters, websites, press ads, digital things), we’ve done a bunch of growing up (FDs, office refurbs, global campaigns) and we’re really rather excited about what the rest of 2014 is going to bring."

Awards won so far in 2014: 

A few Creative Circle commendations.

Pick of the Year: The Poppy display outside the Tower of London. Not an ad in any traditional sense, but incredible nonetheless.

Turkey of the Year: Nothing. Everything has been awesome. WELL DONE, EVERYONE.