Half Term Reports 2014: Partners Andrews Aldridge

Campaign asked the ad and media industry to rate and summarise their performance so far in 2014, ahead of our School Reports for 2015. Here's how Partners Andrews Aldridge view the first six months of their year.

  • Paym by Partners Andrews Aldridge

    Paym by Partners Andrews Aldridge

  • Paym by Partners Andrews Aldridge

    Paym by Partners Andrews Aldridge


score (self-awarded): 7

Number of staff: 126

New business: £3 Million

Summary of the year so far: "None of us is as creative as all of us" proclaims the neon sign at the centre of Partners Andrews Aldridge. And the first half of 2014 has proven that in spades.

It began with winning the Army brand brief with Engine siblings WCRS, and our launch of the Rolls-Royce Ghost II after recapturing the global brand remit under the Engine banner. We are family indeed.

Collaboration with customers is at the heart of great social campaigns and two spring to mind straight away. First is the launch of PayM, a banking service with mobile at its heart, telling the story through cheeky Vines and Instagram films.  Meanwhile our first work with Heck, the superior sausage maker, mashed up Britain’s sorriest looking grills with hip-hop legend Tim Westwood in #PimpMyBBQ. 

In a delightful moment on Twitter, our weekly contribution to the coverage of global innovation, Nisa’s Digital Digest, was name-checked by MIT as an essential read. And every week, we’ve had speakers from Oculus Rift to Pimp My Cause at our other unmissable weekly digital event, the Re:think sessions.

The two biggest impacts on our half-year hit within 24 hours of eachother. First was the capture of E.ON’s entire digital business, a stupendous result against some of the best-established digital agencies in the world. Our star is clearly rising. Less welcome was the loss of BMW – a sad day for us all.

It’s been pretty good so far, but with some big new hires, groundbreaking new work and big expansion plans, we’re just warming up for an awesome conclusion to our year."

Awards won so far in 2014: 

Money Marketing Awards

Gold x 2 for Payments Council, Current Account Switch Service

IVCA Awards

Gold for Rolls-Royce Wraith

Gold for Santander, "celebrating customer success"

Pick of the Year: Save the Children, "if Britain was like Syria" by Don’t Panic

Turkey of the Year: The Yo app by Or Arbel