Hallmark swaps sentimentality for humor in web-only holiday campaign

Digital series from Chandelier shows how families "#KeepsakeIt Together"

Grandpa pleads for ham at a vegan dinner. A perfectionist mom, despite her best attempts, can’t manage to let the kids decorate the tree alone. A grandma screeches her family chaos to order for a group photo. And new parents annoy everyone with all their chatter about their extraordinary baby. These are not your average Hallmark moments.

This holiday season, the greeting-card company is ditching the sentimental — and TV — in favor of a comedic web-only campaign that showcases the often-oddball moments inspired by family gatherings at Christmas. "Where’s the ham, H-A-M, ham," asks an indignant grandfather who can’t accept his family’s tofu-brick celebration of the funniest ad in the six-spot series from Chandelier. "If your mother was alive today, she would roll over in her grave," he scolds his daughter and frantically searches the fridge for a hidden ham. Of course, there is no ham. What he gets from her instead is a festive little piggy ornament. "I wish I could eat it," he sighs, with a chuckle. "Me too," she agrees, so all ends well in these family dramas.

The first all-digital holiday effort for Hallmark, "#KeepsakeIt Together," promotes the brand’s Keepsake ornaments and, in addition to the video series, includes a website showcasing the collection, and a Snapchat push that gives users a sponsored Geofilter to take pictures and videos at major Christmas tree displays in 20 national markets, including Rockefeller Center in New York and Union Square in San Francisco.