Hamlet Miniatures ads feature dwarf actors

CDP is launching its latest work for the Hamlet Miniatures brand,

adapting typical Hamlet moments to a cast of dwarfs.

The three executions, which break nationally on 18 June, feature the

dwarfs reaching for their Hamlet Miniatures once it becomes apparent

that their size is a hindrance in otherwise ordinary activities.

In one, the friends light up as they lament the fact that they are too

short to reach the girlie magazines on the top shelf. In another, they

turn to a pack of mini cigars when they do not reach the minimum height

for a fairground ride. The last features the men in a urinal crossing

their legs because they cannot reach the stalls. The strapline for all

three is: "Spread a little happiness."

CDP's joint executive creative director Andy Amadeo said: "We spoke with

many dwarfs, all of whom loved the idea. But they were all keen to

ensure that within the photography, people realised they also were

laughing at themselves."

The campaign is the first done on the Gallagher sub-brand and one of the

first created for the agency under the stewardship of Amadeo and his

partner, Mick Mahoney.

Mahoney said: "This is fantastically powerful and well-branded work that

will be talked about in the pubs. Hamlet is a great brand and we're

thrilled to see such exciting work being produced for it."

It was jointly written and art directed by Neame Ingram, Paul

Westmoreland, Jonathan Crawford and Constanza Rossi. The photographer

was Spiros Politis.