Hartley to return to Brave after just six months with Stark

David Hartley, the director behind spots such as Maltesers and UK

Living, has left Stark Films after only six months to return to The

Brave Film Company.

Hartley, best known for his performance and people-based comedy, returns

to Brave along with his producer, Vanessa Hetherington, next week. The

team had been at Brave for more than five years before making the move

to Stark in June.

Hartley said: "I love the guys at Stark. But the long and short of it is

that it didn't matter where we went or what we did, the mistake was

leaving Brave in the first place. Vanessa and I are very much part of

the culture there, and we didn't realise how strong our ties were."

While at Stark, Hartley directed the "gremlins" campaign by St Luke's

for COI Communications and a BT Cellnet campaign by Abbott Mead Vickers


During his tenure at Brave, Hartley had created a name as a comedy and

dialogue director, with spots including Littlewoods, Mercedes-Benz and

UK Living. His Maltesers campaign won a BTAA silver and his Autoglass

campaign won a Creative Circle award.

Emily Bliss, the managing director of The Brave Film Company, said:

"We're thrilled to have him back. He's very brave to say he's happier

here and I'm proud he and Vanessa have decided to return."

In a separate move, Stark Films has signed the director Zak Ove to its

roster. Ove, from a fashion and music-industry stills background, was

previously represented by the now defunct BFCS.