Havana Club launches Twitter treasure hunt

LONDON - Cuban rum brand Havana Club is launching a treasure hunt on Twitter to raise awareness of its HavanaCultura arts project.

The two-week competition, which kicks off on Monday, will steer Twitter users to the project's website by posting series of clues which can be answered by visiting the website.

Launched in 2007, Havana Cultura is supported by the Cuban rum brand and has been developed to give modern Cuban artists from the city of Havana a platform to showcase their work internationally.

Each of the artists featured on www.havana-cultura.com introduce their favourite place in Havana, to give visitors insight from the perspective of a true local.

The treasure hunt offers the chance to win two VIP tickets to DJ Gilles Peterson's exclusive Havana Cultura album launch party in Paris on November 26.

The winner will travel to Paris with a friend via Eurostar and spend three nights in a hotel near the launch party venue.