HBOS seeks Scottish shop for Scottish ads

LONDON - The Bank of Scotland is looking north of the border for an agency to handle its retail business, as it turns its back on English ads.

Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners handles the business, but the bank has approached a number of Scottish-only agencies in a bid to reposition itself as a local bank and separate its own ads from the English executions.

The bank is looking to create a shortlist of four. DLKW will continue to work on every other part of the HBOS business in Scotland and England. This includes sectors such as card services, corporate and financial advice.

The Bank of Scotland has historically employed DLKW to rebadge and adapt the work it produces for the English market to be used on its Scottish retail business.

For example, the agency replaced Howard in the Halifax ads with a woman for the Scottish work. However, the proliferation of digital channels meant that it had become apparent to viewers in Scotland that they were seeing Scottish versions of English ads.

The repositioning has been instigated by Benny Higgins, the chief executive of the retail division.

HBOS was unwillingly to comment on the story.

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