Hearst's leaders talk us through the Esquire Weekly iPad app

Last week's launch of Esquire Weekly, a digital weekly edition of the monthly men's magazine, is the latest digital foray for publisher Hearst. We talk to some of its leaders about the new 99p iPad app.

The Esquire Weekly concept is "your week in 20 minutes", and promises to bring some features to life with interactive functionality and video, and host an in-built e-commerce functionality enabling people to search and buy product recommendations.

Showcasing the app at the Esquire Weekly launch, the magazine's Alex Bilmes explained that the editorial and commercial strategy was to create a tablet product that made use of all the functionality offered by the iOS device

Bilmes said: "We are not trying to just present a PDF on the glass, we are not trying to just add bells and whistles to an existing print product and we think that advetising can do that too. They can start creating things that are specifically for tablets, and we are the perfect brand to launch tose things with."

Joined by Dan Davies, Esquire Weekly's editor, and Amanda Turnbull, Hearst's group publishing director, luxury, Bilmes showcased the app at the press event on Monday, following its launch to the Apple Newsstand last Thursday.

The app was downloaded more than 89,000 times in the first weekend of being available, securing it second position in the men's interest category on the App Store.

Campaign's iPad edition for 12 September, available this evening, features an interview and exclusive video with Arnaud de Puyfontaine, chief executive of Hearst Magazines UK. Download it now to receive the exclusive content as it is published.

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