Heat magazine's Jordan sticker draws 30 complaints

LONDON - The Press Complaints Commission has received 30 complaints from members of the public about a free sticker in Heat magazine that features Katie Price's disabled son Harvey accompanied by the text 'Harvey wants to eat me!'.

Jordan aka Katie Price, a former glamour model and reality TV star, is currently presenting a chat shown on ITV2 called 'Katie and Peter Unleashed' with her husband Peter Andre.

Her son Harvey was born with a rare disorder called septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness and growth hormone deficiency among a range of other medical problems such as visual impairment and weight gain.

The complaints have expressed concern that the sticker is prejudicial to Harvey's illness, raising the possibility that it breaks clause 12 in the PCC's code of practice concerning discrimination in relation to physical or mental illness or disability.

Emap, the publisher of Heat, has also received a small number of complaints.

A spokesman for the PPC said the organisation had contacted a representative of Katie Price earlier today to make her aware of the complaints. They also informed the intermediary that the PCC would need Price's involvement to proceed with an investigation.

However, the PCC may still decide to launch an investigation even if Price declines to become involved.

The sticker was given away free with this week's Heat magazine. Other stickers in the issue included Will Young with a comedy chin, Britney Spears above the headline "Mum of the year", and a picture of Posh Spice asking "Will you fucking smile?"

Emap issued a statement on behalf of Mark Frith, the editor-in-chief of Heat, in which he said that "no offence was intended, but if any was caused we would like to apologise".

It is understood Frith has spoken personally to Price's management team and that he would be writing a letter to Katie Price and her husband to repeat that personally.