Hegarty On Advertising

To mark the upcoming launch of Sir John Hegarty's new book, 'Hegarty On Advertising', we take a look at some of creative legend's best ads over the years.

Hegarty On Advertising



Levis ‘black sheep’ 1982

Haagen Daz ‘Lose Control’ 1991


Boddingtons ‘quiff’, ‘shave’ 1992


Levis ‘fall apart’ 1990


Reebok ‘leather classic,’  'natural classic,’  ‘pop classic’ 2000



Levis ‘launderette’ 1985


Levis ‘creek’ 1994


Levis 'drugstore'


Levis ‘flat eric’ / ‘ID’ 1999

Levis ‘taxi’


Levis ‘airport Russia’ 1985


Levis ‘swimmer’ 1992


Levis ‘odyssey’ 2002