Hegarty hails online archive at launch event

LONDON - The History of Advertising Trust's new online service was today hailed by Sir John Hegarty as a major step forward in making the charity relevant in today's fast-moving industry.

Sir John Hegarty...hailed HAT archive
Sir John Hegarty...hailed HAT archive

Hegarty, HAT's newly installed president, was speaking at the official launch of Arrows, which offers digitalised versions of all of the 25,000-plus ads entered for the British Television Advertising Awards since 1977.

The Bartle Bogle Hegarty worldwide creative director said it was easy the question the need for HAT in a business that was all about tomorrow.

But he declared: "The Arrows are a demonstration of what HAT is doing now."

The service, available on www.arrowsarchive.com, is being promoted to agencies as a vital source of material for internal reviews and creative meetings.

All the commercials are accompanied by full creative credits, and agencies can use the service to build their own tailor-made reels of work.

Barry Cox, HAT's chief executive, said: "This is a new way of sourcing inspirational work for all kinds of purposes."

The charity, which needs £250,000 a year to maintain its basic services, is also looking to market the service to schools, colleges and universities.

Agencies employing 50 people or less will pay £1,000 a year for the service, while those with more than 50 will be charged £2,000. IPA and ISBA members will be entitled to a £250 discount.