Helen Mirren rallies against old age in debut ad for L'Oréal

Helen Mirren stars in an ad for the cosmetics brand L'Oréal, which tackles the issue of women feeling invisible as they get older.

McCann London created the spot, which opens with Mirren, who is 69, getting a bit miffed when she is offered a seat at a bus stop.

The actress then begins to talk about the rejuvenating effects of L'Oréal’s Age Perfect cream, dons a leather jacket and goes out on the town.

L'Oréal’s iconic "because I’m worth it" line is given a new twist by Mirren, who says at the end of the spot, "So are we worth it? More than ever".

The new ad has been released on YouTube and first aired on ITV on Friday 6 February. It was written by Kate Pozzi, art directed by Andy Tannock, and directed by Olivier Venturini through Great Guns.

L'Oréal’s previous age-cream spokeswoman was Jane Fonda, who was also 69 when she starred in an ad for the brand's Age Re-Perfect cream in 2007.