Hendrick's Gin opens townhouse featuring pygmy goats and mini cocktails

Brand launches petting zoo with miniature serves as part of London Cocktail Week.

Hendrick's: miniature cocktails in a townhouse
Hendrick's: miniature cocktails in a townhouse

Hendrick’s Gin has created an experience set in a townhouse as part of London Cocktail Week, featuring a pygmy goat petting zoo and miniature drinks.

At the "Tini martini townhouse", a range of minuscule martinis will be on offer, crafted by bars from across the world. During 4-6 October, bartenders from two bars will go head to head to create cocktails in the townhouse.

The bars involved in the "cocktail off" are New York’s The NoMad Bar versus Singapore’s Manhattan, Barcelona’s Two Schmucks versus Amsterdam’s Super Lyan, and Little Red Door from Paris versus Edinburgh’s Panda & Sons.

Guests will be invited to walk through the Hendrick’s Orbium parallel universe. The portal gets its name from Hendrick’s Orbium drink. Once in the parallel universe, guests can enjoy "infinitesimally small delights" inspired by the "tini" in martini, including the pygmy petting zoo and mini cocktails.

The ticketed experience lasts for two hours, with all proceeds donated to the Blackwater Alpacas farm in Essex.

Hendrick’s has created a series of quirky activations this summer, including an alternate universe inside a laundrette and a scented out-of-home ad.