Henkel reviews £15m media arrangements

Henkel, the German detergent and cosmetics giant, is reviewing its

£15 million UK media account.

The account, which includes the Schwarzkopf haircare line, is at

present handled by Tempus' media agency, CIA. However, following the

news that CIA might be merged with The Media Edge, which handles the

Colgate-Palmolive account, Henkel is expected to extend the review to

the rest of Europe.

Ian Gallois, the international media director at Henkel, said he held

formal credentials meetings with the two other Henkel roster agencies

for Europe - BBJ and Manning Gottlieb Media - earlier this week.

Gallois said the UK media review had been planned since June 2001 but

was delayed by the drawn-out WPP/ Tempus deal. He added that CIA will

have the chance to demonstrate how it could handle the business if it is

merged into a single agency with TME but a full-blown pan-European

review will kick off in January 2002 if it cannot do so.

A number of other major potential conflicts arising from the Tempus/WPP

deal have also emerged.

Ford is a major WPP client while Chrysler, owned by DaimlerChrysler,

uses Tempus as its main media buyer in Europe and is said to be unhappy

about the situation.

In the UK, CIA handles Nationwide and Zurich Financial Services while

TME has the Citibank account.

CIA also has Cussons and Novartis while TME has Revlon and


Negotiations over the management and future of CIA and TME will move

forward when the heads of both agencies meet later this week. This

direction came from a Tempus/WPP board meeting held last week in London.

It has yet to be decided who will get the top job at CIA/TME.