Here's to the future: make a leap in this new decade

Be responsible. Be inclusive. We'll be watching.

Here's to the future: make a leap in this new decade

It’s a new year. Even better, it’s a new decade. What you have been doing probably isn’t what you will be doing, so there’s no better time to rewrite your narrative. Re-skill, remodel, reinvent yourself. So many old conventions have started to crumble; shake off the dust. The new decade is your licence to drive fundamental change. Don’t waste it.

Know why you’re here

Old ways of working, stale business models, entrenched biases – it’s time to move on. The advertising industry has often trod a messy path through disruption: inflating the new, while protecting the old. But if you’re planning on business in 2020 looking much like business in 2019, you’re probably missing something. And if you’re still doing things the same way you did in 2010, you should definitely have been fired by now.

But, really, why are you here?

At Campaign we love creative work. But proving its value has never been more important. Whatever "value" means to the company paying the bills, proving effectiveness is non-negotiable. And delivering value with a faster, leaner crew is an inevitable consequence of the budget cuts, in-housing and economic uncertainty that will dominate the agenda for the next few years (and beyond). Again, this will serve to fundamentally change the shape of the industry; it’s already started, of course, but the pace of that change will gather speed.

Don’t forget, only two things really matter

People and creativity. Brilliant people doing creative things is pretty much the sum of most successful companies in this industry. Obviously you know that. But are you demanding and providing the resources and protections to allow brilliantly talented people to be brilliantly creative? Don’t give us a pat answer here. This is everything.

Whatever you do, do it responsibly

Let’s be clear: if you work in advertising or marketing, it’s almost certain that some key things that you do will have some bad consequences for the environment. It’s no longer acceptable not to think about this. And it’s no longer acceptable not to make serious efforts to correct it. This is how you will now be judged.

And do it inclusively

If you want to thrive over the next decade, you need to be part of a richly inclusive team where the variety of backgrounds and experiences is fully recognised as a weapons-grade asset. You don’t need us to point this out, right? You’re on it, right? We’re watching.

Oh, and definitely do it with love and laughs

No explanation necessary.