HHCL gives Pot Noodle risque 'top shelf' push

HHCL %26 Partners is putting Pot Noodle on the top shelf this summer with a risque £4.5 million TV, cinema and poster campaign, using the strapline: "The slag of all snacks."

The TV and cinema ads show characters doing anything to get their hands on a Pot Noodle, and is aimed at celebrating the brand's unashamed credentials in the snack and fast-food sectors. The spots are supported by national posters, with media planning and buying handled by Initiative Media.

"Desperate Dan breaks on 3 June and features a man desperate to find a Pot Noodle. Disappointed by the sandwich his girlfriend makes for him, Dan sneaks out to track down the snack in a seedy trawl through streets full of neon signs promising "Exotic Food Videos and "Snack Mags". In each one, he asks for a Pot Noodle, but is slapped by the shocked shop assistants.

Eventually, he finds a blonde who satisfies his lust for Pot Noodle by scoffing a carton with him at the back of a shop.

A ten-second execution, "Auntie Jane", shows a young boy asking his mother whether she has ever eaten a Pot Noodle. She angrily replies that the snack is only for "dirty people", whereupon her son asks: "Is that why Dad eats it with Auntie Jane? The cinema spot, "movie", breaks in July, and features a dodgy film director urging an actress to eat a Pot Noodle as filthily as she can.

The creative director, Al Young, said it was important to use an edgy creative tack to engage the target audience: "Creatively, it puts the Pot Noodle brand back where it belongs - on the top shelf. The Pot Noodle brand manager, Atif Sheik, said: "The 'slag of all snacks' is the edgiest campaign for Pot Noodle yet. It unlocks a real truth at the heart of the brand in a way the target audience will love."

The campaign was written and art directed by Jonathan Thake and Lee Tan and was directed by Traktor through Partizan.