The highs and lows of 1995’

Stefano Hatfield on the year when M&C took on the world, Dyke won Channel 5 (sort of), Kevin Morley Marketing sold out and Ivana and Donald got together for a pizza

Stefano Hatfield on the year when M&C took on the world, Dyke won

Channel 5 (sort of), Kevin Morley Marketing sold out and Ivana and

Donald got together for a pizza


Howell Henry drinks to Martini... DMB&B wins Burger King...McCann-

Erickson beats a sexy shortlist to Sega...Chiat Day comes to Radio 1’s

rescue...W. H. Smith reappoints BBH - a real coup...HHCL lands National

Savings...Abbott Mead Vickers wins Mars, Texas and Pizza Hut...Rainey

Kelly finds time for Miller... BMP wins Michelob and Budweiser - at a

price... Philips turns to Euro RSCG...Cogent wins the RAC...Trott is re-

united with Toshiba... Simons Palmer lands Sony PlayStation (with the

help of O&M in Europe)...CDP lands Courts...JWT wins Colman’s... BBH

wins Lynx and other Elida Gibbs projects...Leo Burnett tastes victory

with Johnnie Walker...BBH wins Mercury One-2-One, signalling the end of

Robert Lindsay and Beatrice Dalle... BMP takes the Labour Party amid

much politicking...the Royal Mail lands on Dorlands’ mat...the Media

Centre wins Dixons media... Mellors Reay becomes Burton’s first

agency...the Media Centre wins Courage media - all of it...Loaded wins

the title of biggest selling men’s magazine... Chiat Day comes to the

Observer’s rescue... Duckworth Finn takes Sky, many say it is

welcome...Bates fills the Pedigree hole with a chunk of Spillers...JWT

scoops Stena and Cable (and we’ll believe the budgets when we see

them)...Leo Burnett wins UB media...WCRS takes First Direct, although

the client insists he’s not moving...TMD Carat scoops all of News

International (cf Sky)...GGT wins John Smith’s - will the Penguins get

the bullet?...Greg Dyke’s Pearson consortium wins the Channel 5

franchise and legal headaches... Saatchi and Saatchi wins Dr Pepper and

the launch of Norwich Union Direct...Mellors Reay takes Mr Kipling...Y&R

takes Colgate globally... Rainey Kelly takes the Times - good luck


Butterfield Day loses Labour just when it might win...Hovis ditches CDP

after 30 years...BMP resigns Courage for Budweiser to the disgust of

John Nicolson...AMV loses pounds 24 million Comet to Saatchi and

Saatchi...KHBB axes 18 jobs in preparation for a management buyout that

doesn’t take place...Grey loses Texas Homecare to AMV after holding the

account in various guises for years...Grey loses Brylcream to WCRS after

ten years... McCanns loses Coke across Europe to Publicis in a

humiliating decision... BBH loses Sky - not too many surprises

there...BBH resigns Cadbury’s and causes a good deal of internal soul-

searching at the client... FCB loses Surf to the new A&P Lintas


Michelle Stapleton and Emily Bliss launch Brave Films...Adam Stanhope

and Robert Ditcham launch Rocket Science...Burkitt Edwards Martin born

of the merger of Burkitt Weinreich and Edwards Martin Thornton...Amanda

Walsh joins Dave Trott to form Walsh Trott Smith Chick...Howell Henry

shows some Imagination in setting up In Real Life...Forward launches a

Silk Cut magazine... BBH gets a Motive...the Conde Nast Forward

Publishing Agency signs its contract... the HHCL Brasserie

opens...Windows 95 starts up with the help of the Times... Chris Palmer

sets up SMILE later to become Gorgeous...Trev and Al name themselves

themselves...Federation launches amid much Propaganda...St Luke’s

launches to less ridicule than expected...A&P Lintas (it’s still Lintas

even if it’s not still Still) doesn’t


Bert Sprote; Palmer and Denton go their separate ways... Emap’s Car Week

after huge losses...the School of Communications Arts closes, sadly, due

as much as anything to industry apathy...Laing Henry (sold to

Cordiant)...the 40-year-old voluntary ban on TV spirits advertising is

broken by Virgin Vodka...Don White of pneumonia...Kevin Morley Marketing

sells to Lintas...Redwing Films closes down after nine years because it

wasn’t fun any more...Chris Martin dies in tragic circumstances...WMGO

finally gives up; it’s missed by few...unlike GQ’s Michael VerMeulen,

mourned by everyone...BT’s CCU department became popular in death, a bit

like John Lennon...GGK finally gives up and becomes Doner Cardwell

Hawkins... no tomorrows for Today, a real shame


The Tories go to law to get out of their Saatchi and Saatchi

contract...Alec Kenny threatens to sue Talk Radio over the size of his

leaving package...BA unveils a pounds 1.4 million Hugh Hudson

blockbuster, there are no legal repercussions...Walton and Wiggins goes

into liquidation...WMGO bought out by the management from the group for

pounds 1 (not including Woollams)...Tony Kaye settles with British

Airways for most of his pounds 730,000 - ‘I’m a happy Jewish man’...the

IPA and Channel 4 slam ITV for not investing enough in

programming...Virginia Bottomley rejects Channel 4’s plea to scrap the

ITV safety-net formula...Hook...the Telegraph threatens to levy a charge

on late ad copy...Vaughan and Anthea join Federation for what is

believed to be the first transfer fee in production company history


Harley-Davidson (sorry Adrian)... Club 18-30 (sorry D&AD)...IBM (sorry

all luvvies everywhere)... Allied Dunbar...the National Canine Defence

League...Carl Lewis in Pirelli...Stella Artois... Smirnoff posters...

McDonald’s slice of life campaign - what a turnaround Leo

Burnett...Daewoo...Radio 1... VW dealers - the freebie ad...Hamlet

‘action man’ and ‘lottery finger’ - good to have it back...Volvo

‘twister’, Virgin Cola... Haagen-Dazs...News of the World trade

campaign...Tango... Haitai...Weetabix...Sainsbury’s ‘romance’...Oliviero

Toscani and Tony Kaye’s D&AD lectures...Levi’s ‘drugstore’ and

‘clayman’... Mates... BMW M3 convertible press ad...Red Stripe...Irn-

Bru...Nike Cantona poster... Holsten, especially ‘he’s an asshole’...Pot

Noodles ‘frilly and faffy’...Miller Time...Sony Widescreen TV...

Campbell’s Malcolm Meatballhead... Jiffi Condoms... Martini ‘beautiful

people’...Arrol’s - at last someone’s captured the truth about booze


The Bill Bore campaign - everything listeners hate about radio ads from

the Radio Advertising Bureau...the name ‘Cordiant’ (a gift for its

knockers)... Robert Lindsay and Beatrice Dalle in Mercury One-2-One

(RIP, sniff)...Beck’s (grade A turkey, oven ready), Kronenbourg que

signifie 1664? (who bloody cared?)...Foster’s (Courage worst)...Herta...

Tortella...Wrigley’s Doublemint (onions?)...Vauxhall Vectra (oh dear -

what happened?)...Nokia...Nissan Almiera (Trevor?

Help?)...Kinder...Maurice Saatchi’s D &AD speech...Coca-Cola (it needs

to be said, come on)...virtually every perfume ad - why?... Burger

King... Werther’s Original Toffees... Gateway and Dorian (cringe)

we still count Ferrero Rocher as a turkey?...the dreadful BT

soap...Andrex Ultra (not by JWT, right)


The English Collective of Prostitutes hits out at the Harley-Davidson

campaign... TBWA tries to absorb Chiat Day in London, announcing the

deal as a fait accompli, and neglecting to mention the London shop in

its own release. Chiat Day vows to stay independent, and does...Medhi

Norowzian threatens a law suit against Guinness for - allegedly -

copying one of his films... John Nicolson slams BMP after the agency

resigns Courage after 25 years to take on Budweiser - ‘I’ll call it

Needham from now on’...Graham Cornthwaite, the photographer, rows over

money allegedly owed to him by Stak... Graham Hinton slams DMB&B’s

management as ‘incompetent’ and ‘bizarre’ after the sacking of Tony

Douglas...Adrian Holmes launches a crusade against yobbish ads...WMGO

ousts Chris Woollams; he hits back, branding former colleagues

‘mice’...Carlton’s Steve Platt launches a scathing attack on the Channel

4 airtime sell...women’s mags ban a Cyclax ad attacking luxury cosmetics

products... RHM fires JWT from Mr Kipling in a row over an Entenmann’s

conflict which doesn’t materialise. ‘For some agencies these days the

short-term greenback rules over what really is important,’ the client,

Colin Tether, says...Tony B versus Tony K...Club 18-30 wins at D&AD, but

doesn’t...‘Lowe is approaching Cannes with dedication and a little

trepidation’ - Campaign’s headline was a major understatement as Frank

Lowe’s juries decline to award some of the top prizes...the Pringle

Arkell Nokes buyout collapses because the trio can’t agree in which

order their names should go...the Guardian falls out with Wired...the

ASA raps charities for inaccuracy... DMB&B slaps a writ on Graham Hinton

after he leaves - of course, it is withdrawn later...half London’s

agencies claim to have come up with the same Pentax idea... Banks

Hoggins and PHD split up... Hook vs Hutchison makes the High Court


You, the reader, decide - Sky: ‘The price is right so they come on

down’...Harley-Davidson...Club 18-30’s ‘Beaver Espana’ etc...Naomi

Campbell and Ian Wright in a nude foldout cover for Esquire and Harvey

Nichols...Chiat Day and Trevor Beattie’s anti-rape ads... Guinness

disowns its ‘gay’ ad...Calvin Klein and its ‘child porn’ work...‘read

this you piece of shit’, the Anti-Slavery International ad...John

Bobbitt’s severed penis makes its inevitable ad debut in animal rights

campaign... Rainey Kelly’s ‘drop a bomb on French plans. Boycott French

wine’ spot featuring a hitman...the Prudential reviews, but doesn’t tell

Mustoe Merriman...Pepe’s tumbling ad...Lemsip’s exploding mushroom cloud


Beatrice Dalle and Robert Lindsay in Mercury One-2-One, sorely missed

(honest)...Giles Keeble leaves Leo Burnett...Tony Douglas is sacked as

joint chairman of DMB&B...Kevin King and John Madell leave Euro RSCG as

Mark Wnek and Brett Gosper put their names above the door...John

O’Donnell exits Saatchi and Saatchi after just six months...Richards

Hall and French exit French Walton Wiggins Hall before anyone got used

to them being there...Alec Kenny quits Talk Radio after a staff

mutiny...a lot of top kit is stolen from several London facilities

houses, later a wave of computer chip theft strikes agencies... News

International’s chief executive, Gus Ficher, leaves...John Billett

splits from the CIA Group...Kara Noble quits the Capital Breakfast show

for Heart FM...Mark Andrews leaves Propaganda and becomes a

Rogue...Chris Dickens leaves Y&R...Alan Tilby goes quietly from

WCRS...Nintendo leaves JWT...Roy Jeans exits Zenith for

Mediaforce...Michael Higgins quits Mills and Allen in a row over

investment...Marcelle D’Argy Smith goes out with a bang at

Cosmopolitan... Hinton exits DMB&B likewise...Mike Shafron leaves Leagas

Shafron Davis Ayer...John Kelley is given the boot from Publicis while

on holiday...Mark Gault loses his power struggle at McCanns...David Pugh

leaves the Telegraph...John Wilson departs CDP after 18 years...Sir Nick

Lloyd leaves the Express after ten years


It’s all on News at Ten, and the front pages of the nationals...Maurice

quits, the three amigos follow, as do Dicketts and Lowther...MacLennan

and Hurrell arouse the most ire by saying they won’t leave and then

doing so. Maurice has a party to entice staff. ‘Let’s kill Piggy’ -

mutinous Saatchi and Saatchi staffers say after the resignation of the

three amigos...‘James and Simon were like the last members of a

supergroup reforming for one final tour, but what were Moray and Nick

going to do? Stand around and shake tambourines?’ - a Saatchi and

Saatchi insider writing a diary of events in Campaign...‘Scotland Yard

to probe nuisance Saatchi calls’...M&C Saatchi is set up, first as the

New Saatchi Agency...Charles Saatchi goes to the office and buys

sandwiches for everyone...Writs fly...It gets ridiculous. Bill Muirhead

is sued for dollars 50 million...‘gardening leave’ enters advertising

vocabulary...M&C wins the Mirror Group, Dixons, Gallaher and after a

long, controversial pitch, BA... Meanwhile Jennifer Laing goes back to

Charlotte Street, which displays a lot of spirit: ‘So, who wants to be

the world’s favourite now?’...peace breaks out...Bob Seelert takes over

at the daftly-named Cordiant... M&C wins Courage, PPP and Glaxo...Next

year? War or peace?


He organises a demo of Hasidic Jews against BA for alleged racism...his

‘Paula Yates we want you to be our executive producer’ ad is rejected by

the Guardian...‘Quentin Tarantino joins Tony Kaye,’ but does he?...Hype

art is everywhere...Tony Kaye’s giant erection appears at the

Hayward...‘Jew for sale’ Tony Kaye ad in Campaign...Kaye is laid out by

Stak in the Groucho in an argument over Graham Cornthwaite...Tony Kaye

cleans up at D&AD...and promptly walks into a barrage of criticism from

Tony Brignull. The Tony versus Tony fight inexplicably makes it to News

at Ten...everyone takes sides: ‘I’m with Tony on this one’ - Tony

Bodinetz...Oh yeah, he wins his fight with BA, and does the ‘twister’ ad


Mike Moore joins the European...Alan Rusbridger becomes editor of the

Guardian...John Farrell is the controversial new group chairman of

DMB&B...Andrew Robertson leaves WCRS for Abbott Mead surprising no-one

but Robin...Caroline Marland is promoted to managing director of the

Guardian and Observer...Richard Wheatly returns to Golden Rose radio and

hires Jeanie Bergin...David Reich joins the CIA board...Phil Georgiadis

joins Initiative...the ‘feisty feminist’ Rita Lewis is made Playboy TV’s

managing director, ‘It’s sexy of course,’s not degrading to

women,’ she says without choking...Stan Myerson to TVX as head of sales

(cf Rita’s quote)...Virgin Vodka is the first spirit to air on

TV...Robin Wight becomes adviser to the Rover board on ad policy...Chris

Jones becomes co-president of JWT Worldwide...Mandi Norwood is the new

Cosmo editor... Gerry Moira exits WMGO for a return to Publicis...Piers

Morgan takes over at the Mirror and Andrew Jaspan goes to the

Observer...Andrew Cracknell moves to a new-look Lintas and is the only

new name not to go above the door (Tara surprises everyone by following

him)...Roger Parry exits Carat for MOFA...Charles Moore takes over at

the Daily Telegraph and Simon Heffer the Sunday Telegraph...Scott

Sherrard becomes chairman of CDP...Mike Court returns at Burkitt

Edwards...Jean-Michel Goudard crosses the Atlantic to BBDO


Carl Lewis sprints on water for Pirelli... Cantona and Ferdinand turn

out for Nike anti-racism...Paul Newman signs up for Lux (yes

really)...Donald and Ivana Trump get back together again for Pizza

Hut...Prunella Scales and Jane Horrocks debut for Tesco...Gary Lineker

is Walkers ‘no more Mr Nice Guy’...Liz Hurley shrugs off Hugh’s to

launch Estee Lauder’s Pleasures...Carol Vorderman threatens to sue BBC

for sacking her from Tomorrow’s World for appearing in an Ariel Future

ad...John Abineri, the butler at the ambassador’s party, is the VE

veteran in Yellow Pages... Muhammed Ali smiles for Adidas... Cheggers

and Nicholas Parsons incite an Ikea review...David Platt turns in a top

performance for McDonald’s...Kiki Kendrick - what a star on Blind

Date...Damien Hirst, Martin Amis, Gilbert and George and other luvvies

on the D&AD jury...Bruce Forsyth tops them all for Courts


‘My relationship with Terry Mansfield has been like a Wagner opera -

wonderful moments and terrible half-hours.’

Marcelle d’Argy Smith

‘The Independent is a big risk for me, but then I enjoy taking risks.’

Ian Hargreaves (short-lived Independent editor on his appointment)

‘That sure is a shit-stirring headline. Whoever wrote it should be


Bill Tragos (on Campaign’s ‘TBWA deal with Chiat Day triggers London


‘Amanda should make a great mother hen.’

Robin Wight on Amanda Walsh’s move

‘I’m bursting with no comment.’

Loz Simpson on leaving Bates Dorland

‘While I’m away the mice have come out to play...this is tantamount to

fiddling while Rome burns.’

Chris Woollams

‘We hope BA will be very happy with its new agency.’

Simon Sherwood of BBH

‘We feel like sitting ducks. Advertising’s becoming an easier target for

the press than the Royal Family.’

Steve Grime

‘Most people in agencies don’t know they don’t know. They are on

broadcast not receive.’

Dave Trott

‘In a nutshell, that’s my problem with Tony Kaye’s work: I don’t believe


Tony Brignull

‘I’m sending him some Alka-Seltzer to get the acid out of his system.’

David Abbott on Brignull

‘I was a little hurt.’

Frank Lowe on reactions to his Cannes juries’ decisions

‘If people say we’re importing the US to the UK, well fuck them.’

Propaganda’s Steve Dickstein

‘I’ve got no intention of changing agencies at the moment.’

Peter Simpson of First Direct

‘Are there too many tits in advertising? Probably.’

Trevor Beattie

‘Advertising is a dead body that keeps on smiling’

Oliviero Toscani

(In a heavy Irish accent) ‘Jaysus. I think old Chirac must have let off

one of them bombs’ - a Kinsale local’s reaction to the mass putting on

of creatives’ Ray-bans when the sun peeped through at the festival

‘It’s true to say that I’m going to Australia for the culture.’

Fergus Fleming

‘GQ is now less fuck a girl and more make love to a woman.’



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