THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF 1997 - Stefano Hatfield on the year when Bates fired Tim Ashton, Rapier Stead & Bowden’s C&W win caused a shock, the nation suffered Spice Girls overkill and the BBC treated us to a perfect day

JWT gains pan-European Shell at the expense of Esso... Lowe Howard-Spink lands the Express Group... BDDH wins Mercedes, which ends speculation about its future... O&M takes Impulse from AP Lintas... APL takes Burger King from DMB & B and Compaq from Bates... Euro RSCG lands the whole of Abbey National and its year only gets better... Roose & Partners wins Kleenex... Y&R beats O&M to the Ford Puma launch... the Body Shop appoints its first ad agency, BANC... French Connection asks GGT to fcuk fashion... AMV takes BT Business from BDDH... JWT scoops Kellogg’s media... Euro

JWT gains pan-European Shell at the expense of Esso... Lowe

Howard-Spink lands the Express Group... BDDH wins Mercedes, which ends

speculation about its future... O&M takes Impulse from AP Lintas... APL

takes Burger King from DMB & B and Compaq from Bates... Euro RSCG lands

the whole of Abbey National and its year only gets better... Roose &

Partners wins Kleenex... Y&R beats O&M to the Ford Puma launch... the

Body Shop appoints its first ad agency, BANC... French Connection asks

GGT to fcuk fashion... AMV takes BT Business from BDDH... JWT scoops

Kellogg’s media... Euro

RSCG says ’hello’ to Wonderbra and ’goodbye’ to the old ads... the Media

Centre wins the COI’s TV and press prizes... Burnetts eventually takes

Tambrands... O&M lands Kodak worldwide - for how long?... Rapier Stead &

Bowden stuns adland by winning Cable & Wireless. Much bitching

follows... Initiative takes the pounds 90 million Peugeot media prize

from a stunned Mediapolis... HHCL lands BA’s budget airline... DFGW

takes Commercial Union from Saatchis... Nationwide makes a surprise

return to Leagas Delaney... JWT lands the Oftel code change... TMD Carat

takes Royal Mail media from MediaVest... Rainey Kelly wins the Astra

Euro launch, much to Lowes’ and McCanns’ dismay... St Luke’s gets the

COI’s Welfare to Work, after Andy Law pulls the agency off other pitches

to concentrate on what may be the new Government’s largest

campaign...JWT ends the year well with the combined P&O Stena prize...

as does Chris Evans who - to everyone’s surprise - wins the battle with

Capital to buy Virgin Radio


JWT loses Esso to McCanns, much to McCanns’ surprise... Mediapolis is

hit by the departure of pounds 90 million Peugeot Citroen to

Initiative... HHCL loses Homepride to Y&R... Lowes parts company with

Lloyds Bank after 15 years... Lord Saatchi finally loses an election...

Bates Dorland watches Land Rover move to WCRS for many reasons,

including Robin Wight... Mercedes ’skidmarks’ isn’t enough to stop Leo

Burnett losing the client because of a Fiat conflict elsewhere... BBH,

after some dithering, loses Haagen-Dazs to Euro RSCG... Pretty Polly and

Wrigley’s follow Trevor Beattie to GGT... Zenith sees Sky switch to

Universal... TBWA Simons loses its prize Nike account to Wieden &



The BBC’s ’Perfect Day’ (Leagas Delaney) just shades VW’s outstanding

price and Passat work and the Sharan poster (all BMP) as our overall gem

of the year. But is it an ad? We all know the answer to that one

really... We also love Coca-Cola ’blind man’ and others (Wieden &

Kennedy), Nike ’Park life’ (TBWA Simons) and British pork and beef

(BMP)... Other gems: Virgin Atlantic’s ’grim reaper’ (Rainey Kelly)...

Levi’s ’mermaids’ and shrink-to-fit poster campaign (BBH)... First

Direct ’Bob Mortimer ’ (WCRS)... Gary Lineker and Ulrika Jonsson talking

Swedish in Walkers Lites (BMP)... Lynx ’Jennifer’ and the naughty press

work (BBH)... Ford Fiesta TV and print (O&M), Ford Puma (Y&R)...

McDonald’s ’clever daddy’ puts some of its other work to shame (Leo

Burnett)... Budweiser press (BMP)... Smirnoff ’Smarienberg’ (Lowes)...

Legoland ’earthquake’ (BMP)... Nike ’do running’ illustrated print (TBWA

Simons)... Adidas ’Prince Naseem’ (Leagas Delaney)... Fairy Liquid

’rocket’ (Grey) - yes, for P&G!... Listerine (JWT) proves you can do

decent mouthwash ads. You try... Virgin Cola (Rainey Kelly)... Sony

camcorder and widescreen TV (BMP)... Mercedes ’Janis’ (BDDH)... Dollond

& Aitchison ’Burt Reynolds’ (Lowes)... Ikea was refreshing (St

Luke’s)... The Co-op Bank ’disability’ ad was original and not didactic

(BDDH)... The One-2-One campaign really took off, especially with Ian

Wright (BBH)... Reebok ’doppelganger’ is unique (Lowes)... Clark’s is

lovely (St Luke’s)... Batchelors Super Noodles is very funny (Mother)...

Marmite TV and posters are a hoot, literally (BMP)


Mark Andrews launches Tsunami... Robert Campbell quits Tony Kaye to

start up Outsider... the CIA Group launches the Negotiation Centre (with

BT’s account)... Frank magazine flatters to deceive... BMP Optimum

starts well... British Interactive Broadcasting - there’ll be no getting

away from its 200 channels next year... Channel 5 and the Spice Girls

make a splash... Conde Nast launches Traveller ... Derek Morris, Andy

Tilley and Ivan Pollard form Unity... MindShare finally announces it

will be run by Dominic Proctor and Mandy Pooler... Christine Walker

finally plumps for M&C Saatchi and launches Walker Media


Malcolm Miles, former McCanns chairman, sadly passes away, so does Maddy

Berry... the UK version of Wired is scrapped... K Advertising folds into

Saatchis... Sloggett Connolly Bogaerde closes... Visa Delta drops

’kerrching!’... Simons Palmer sells to TBWA. The plan to have five

creative directors bites the dust... Cordiant dissolves itself... Barker

& Ralston becomes Mountain View... Sunday Business goes into

receivership... the Milk Tray man gets tigered... Ruby Wax is dropped

from the Corsa, before Lowes is dropped from the Corsa... David Abbott

steps down... HHCL succumbs to Tim Bell’s chequebook... BST becomes BDDP

GGT... Rowan Atkinson’s Latham is pensioned off... Guinness’s

relationship with O&M no longer makes sense


Remember no pan-Euro dubbed import can be the golden turkey - that’s not

trying. The local agency has to make it and think it’s good. This year’s

turkey of turkeys is therefore RAC (BDDH), whose pretentious

documentary-style ads and bewilderingly useless posters defy

description... It was run reasonably close (but not really that close)

by both the excruciating Cheltenham & Gloucester commercial (Saatchis)

where an Eskimo boy smiles at the rescued yeti (never actually show a

yeti unless for comic effect), the dog’s dinner which was Independent on

Sunday television spot (M&C Saatchi)... and - of course - the Rover

’hostage’ ad (APL)... American Airlines’ flying eagle, Delta Air Lines’

shameless BA lift (Saatchis) and United Airlines’ ’rising’ (Y&R) were

all even worse than Iberian Airlines ’fourth largest in Europe’ and

Debonair (Mellors Reay) - unless we’re missing some irony. What has

happened to airline ads other than Virgin Atlantic?... Vauxhall’s Vectra

gangsters (Lowes) nearly top last year’s disaster... Robinson’s

excruciating ’Bob Holness’ saga (HHCL) and Fanta’s bewildering campaign

(Leagas Delaney) prove that soft-drinks ads can be terrible too...

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes ’Mornington’ (JWT) RIP... WACL ’our boobs’ trade

ad (oh dear) was a mistake... McDonald’s ’enjoy’ (Burnetts) - what’s

that all about then?...What’s happened to Holsten (BDDP GGT)? It’s a sad

to see how the mighty are fallen... We hope Burger King isn’t proof of

why Ammirati Puris isn’t Lintas (APL)... Lee Cooper is just sad (Grounds

Morris)... As is Yardley’s ’hand-cuffs’ poster (Gotham)... Adidas

’Henman’ (Leagas Delaney) was nearly as daft as Kleenex ’double velvet’

(Roose)... Finally, the Independent’s front page redesign and the D&AD

dinner at the Cafe Royal


Laser and the Network struggle to reach a 1997 deal... The Times

threatens the ABC over the Telegraph’s circulation figures... Tim

Delaney launches a crusade for greater transparency among production

companies and cost parity with promos... True North and Publicis divorce

but the arguing turns nastier... Tim Delaney and Andrew Cracknell face

angry production company heads at the Groucho... the minutage row erupts

following the Monte Carlo and ISBA conferences... the BT-funded Now

We’re Talking is deemed to have breached ITC rules, to the surprise of

all who thought it had been cleared by the same body... headhunters

storm out of the IPA building after Tim Delaney keeps them waiting for a

meeting. ... Graham Hinton attacks the ’cosy world’ of adland’s

creatives... the ASA slams the Consumer Association over a critical

report on ad regulations... M&C wins the Millennium pitch and walks into

a row over Bill Muirhead’s involvement... ISBA slams the ITC over

minutage... the interminable Equity voiceover dispute causes actors such

as Helen Mirren to pull out of ads like Virgin Atlantic... the

Government funks a tobacco ad ban and walks into a crisis...Budweiser

gives up in its dispute with the French Government over the World



Christine Walker quits Zenith in January to general astonishment...

Trevor Beattie walks out on the TBWA Simons Palmer merger, starting

acres of coverage... Michael Grade resigns as Channel 4 boss... Amanda

Platell leaves the Mirror Group... Andy Tilley resigns from Zenith...

Jan Hall is the highest-profile casualty of GGT’s acquisition of BDDP

... Marcus Plantin exits the ITV Network Centre... Ruth Blakemore quits

Cable & Wireless in mysterious circumstances... Bates fires Tim

Ashton... Sam Chisholm takes his leave of Sky... Nigel Sharrocks quits

Grey and still can’t make up his mind... Trista Grant moves to McCanns

Sydney... Mike Tunnicliffe prefers gardening leave to CIA


’He is not satanic, but he is dangerous and wrong,’ Tory party chairman,

Brian Mawhinney, on Tony Blair... Chris Powell wins at last... the

Referendum Party somehow claims a victory, but not even the

Conservatives would dare (M&C Saatchi still ends up working for



Fergie appears in a US Ocean Spray ad... Julie Goodyear fronts Shredded

Wheat... Harry Enfield stars in and directs Pillsbury... Hugh Laurie is

the new face of BT... Alan Shearer sells Jaguar, Asda and Umbro... Ruud

Gullit fools around for M&Ms... Gary Lineker and Ulrika Jonsson talk

Swedish for Walkers... Dani Behr and Ulrika Jonsson (again) turn up in

KFC... The Spice Girls are everywhere... Kim Basinger stars for Peugeot

but we have to be told who she is... Burt Reynolds is funny in Dollond &

Aitchison... Jennifer Aniston promotes both L’Oreal and Lynx... Dudley

Moore is reduced to Arthur’s... Des Lynam debuts for Right Guard...

Glenn Hoddle is dropped by Shredded Wheat after his marriage split


John Farrell moves to DMB&B New York... Sue Farr becomes the BBC’s first

marketing director... Billy Mawhinney leaves APL for O&M... Trevor

Beattie joins GGT, amid acres of coverage... David Arculus moves to

United News and Media... Paul Hamersley returns to London to run Lowe

Howard-Spink as managing director... David Jones leaves Lowes to take

over at the DMB&B group. The two are not connected... FHM’s Mike Soutar

goes to Kiss... James Brown leaves Loaded for GQ... Michael Jackson

takes over from Michael Grade at Channel 4... Tom Toumazis quits

Eurosport for Emap... Marc Mendoza chooses Mediapolis over WCRS...

Richard Hytner returns to adland from the Henley Centre with Publicis.

The sigh of relief is audible across town... John Stubbings goes back to

Dorlands not for the first time... Stewart Butterfield leaves Channel 4

for Granada... Richard Eyre leaves Capital to run the ITV Network

Centre... David Liddiment goes to ITV from Granada... Mike Court braves

McCanns leaving Hugh Burkitt high and dry... Chris Thomas joins APL from

AMV... Frank Budgen links up with Chris Palmer at Gorgeous, soon to be

followed by Paul Rothwell... Jay Pond-Jones eventually lands at Bates

via Mother... John Hardie leaves P&G for ITV. There is no-one among the

advertising community who wouldn’t wish him well... Phil Georgiadis

joins Christine Walker... David Brook leaves Channel 5 for Channel 4...

Jim Hytner leaves Sky for Channel 5, completing an astonishing

merry-go-round of senior marketers and sales directors among the

television companies


Phillip Glass issues a writ against BBH over the use of music in an Audi

A8 ad... Harrods establishes a precedent by successfully suing to

protect its name from Internet hijackers... Budweiser’s planned

sponsorship of next year’s World Cup runs up against the French Loi

Evin. Legal moves fail to resolve the impasse and Budweiser pulls out...

Paul Twivy and Bates settle out of court for more than pounds 300,000...

APL takes a pounds 1 million hit in its settlement of the Hugh Salmon

case... the Telegraph issues a writ against the ABC in the Times

dispute... Mr Justice Bell raps McDonald’s over pester power... Zenith

goes to court to enforce Christine Walker’s restrictive covenants...

Martin Clunes takes Publicis to court over pounds 200,000 - it’s worth



’All we mark up now is 25 per cent.’ Peter Harrison on the costs row

’In the sum, two and two will make five, or indeed six.’ Jo Hoare on the

Simons Palmer deal

’A typical marketing person doesn’t make many ads and is easily

bamboozled by the creative process.’

ISBA’s John Hooper

’It’s like pissing down your leg - nobody knows you’re doing it but it

gives you a nice warm feeling.’ Andrew Cracknell on corporate


’On paper it looked magical. But the way it’s being executed shows scant

regard for the lives and futures of the people who count. It’s about

quality of life, not quantity of money.’ Trevor Beattie on walking out

of TBWA Simons Palmer

’The decision Trevor has to make is whether to join a team or stay a

prima donna.’ Paul Simons

’If you sit in the middle wallowing, the only option is to sell.’ Rupert

Howell (in January) on why mid-sized shops can survive

’I feel like we’ve been nibbled to death by ducks.’ Hamish Pringle on

K’s demise

’Be nice to Hamish.’ Various industry figures

’He could sit for hours, apparently motionless. Then, he blinked an eye

and you said ’yes, he is alive after all!’’ Tony Brignull on Jay


’I wonder how many managing directors have been fooled by a slick media

buyer into thinking they have a great deal because there is a big

discount versus station average price?’ Paul Polman, managing director,

Procter & Gamble

’When I walk into the office and people say ’good morning’, I don’t have

to work out what they really mean.’ David Jones on the difference

between DMB&B and Lowe Howard-Spink

’Like gilding a turd.’ Tony Cox on the obsession with technique in


’Like having the Cup Final at the Den.’ Mike Cozens on the D&AD bash

at the Cafe Royal

’I’m not unambitious.’ David Elstein

’It feels a bit like when Doyle Dane won the VW Beetle.’ David Barker on

winning (ahem!) Kia cars

’All I did was live a life I’d highly commend to any twentysomething

single man with a decent disposable income.’

Alan Brydon

’Cordiant rubbishes Bates and Saatchis demerger rumours’ Campaign

headline (February)

’Are we talking about 13- to 19-year-olds?’ Mark Whelan in response to

the quiz question ’How many teenagers are there in the UK?’

’Was that the Tim Ashton who referred to creative independents as a

’bunch of old farts who couldn’t hold a job in an ad agency?’’ Bill


’It’s not the obvious play on a very obvious swear word that the

original was.’ The ASA’s Caroline Crawford on ’f.c.u.k. advertising’

’It’s sanctimonious bollocks.’ Leon Jaume on the ITC’s banning of a Ford

Fiesta ad

’I wasn’t around to bathe in the antipathy.’ Mel Smith on reactions

to ’kerrching!’

’I don’t believe the appointment was a stitch-up and nobody has any

grounds for saying so.’ Jenni Page of the New Millennium Experience


’I know the nature of the beast better than most - do you think I’m

being naive?’ Mike Court on joining Ben Langdon

’The David Gower of advertising.’ Andrew Robertson on Leon Jaume

’JWT is not at the top of its game. We have had

a quiet year in new business, and the work is not as good as it should

be.’ Stephen Carter on becoming chief executive

’Jaspar and I have worked together for ten years. Most humming agencies

have a strong management/creative partnership.’ Stephen Carter, the

same story

’If I do end up being Mr Patel’s corner shop I’ll shoot myself.’

Christine Walker

’We shot the ads in California using local props and stylists to achieve

a look that could not be done over here.’ Alistair Proctor on this ad


’Whatever you may say about it - and I myself have said one or two

things about it in the past - it is one of Britain’s premier advertising

agencies.’ Peter Mandelson on M&C Saatchi.

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