THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF 1998 - Stefano Hatfield surveys the year in which everything went digital, AMV swiped Guinness, France ’98 stole the summer and the death of a hamster called Kevin caused a national outcry



HHCL wins #10 million ITV ... BMP DBB takes the National Savings

prize ... M&C Saatchi wins #20 million BSkyB ... AMV lands Guinness in a

devastating blow to O&M and then picks up BDB to start the year with a

bang ... New PHD takes Pizza Hut ... AMV lands #10 million Halfords ...

DMB&B wins McCain’s, but for how long? ... M&C Saatchi wins the RAC amid

much muttering of ’it’s not cricket’ ... HHCL lands the Prudential’s

giant secret project - it turns out to be Egg ... M&C wins Bradford &

Bingley ... HHCL wins Thomson Holidays ... TBWA etc lands NatWest in the

win of the year to get off to the best possible start. ’It’s not about

the creative work,’ says Ian Schoolar, the client ... Nigel Allmond

stuns the industry (especially CIA) by setting up shop and landing the

#110 million BT TV buying business ... Dixons Group moves its #108

million account into Walker Media to nobody’s surprise ... Partners BDDH

wins the Guardian after its surprise split with Leagas Delaney ... Carat

wins all of Diageo ... In one of the year’s other big surprises , BMP

steals ONdigital after a pre-launch split with AMV ... an overjoyed WCRS

scoops Camelot in a painful blow to Charlotte Street ... Saatchi &

Saatchi eventually wins Lloyds TSB, much to the chagrin of DMB&B ... Leo

Burnett lands P&G’s media in - arguably - the most significant win of

the year. MediaVest ends up with nothing ... Rainey Kelly takes on

Virgin Direct ... Initiative lands Johnson & Johnson and Calvin

Klein ...

It may not strictly have been a win, but BMP’s retention of Barclaycard

counts as one of the coups of the year.


O&M loses Guinness to AMV ... the GGT groups loses $125 million P&G

business in the US throwing its future into question ... HHCL takes

Birds Eye from APL ... Lowes loses the Express to Leo Burnett, wins the

Independent and then loses it to Euro RSCG six months later ... Burnett

then loses the Express after seven months ... WCRS loses Bass’s

Caffrey’s to Roose & Partners ... Ammirati Puris Lintas loses its

much-vaunted Compaq client to DDB Worldwide, which itself loses Walkers

to BBDO Worldwide despite the huge success of its work ... BMP4 loses

Channel 4 in acrimonious circumstances ... O&M loses Ford’s #200 million

pan-Euro business to Y&R.


CampaignLive is launched and wins a Cannes lion ... Wieden & Kennedy

launched in the new year and promptly disappeared ... John Brown’s Food

Illustrated magazine ... New PHD and Partners BDDH launch the media

shop, MSc ... Circus, a media-neutral consultancy (great party too!) ...

Emap Elan’s Red is the magazine launch of the year ... Rainey Kelly

Campbell Roalfe launches HPT Brand Response ... Bertie Miller and Daniel

Kleinman launch Spectre ... Fallon McElligott arrives ... author Michael

Dobbs returns with Spirit ... Concrete, James Bradley’s new production

company ... TBWA GGT Simons Palmer is born - and does better than anyone

expects ... Feng Shui magazine gets a first ABC of 121,000!!! ... Cabal,

Sally O’Sullivan shake-up of magazine publishing ... Archibald Ingall

Stretton ... digital television ... Dominic Owens launches a

’full-service media agency’


St Luke’s Ikea ’downsizing’ - shame about the complaints ... BMP’s Sony

batteries tubecards ... BBH’s One2One (the entire campaign) created a

genuine brand, and passed into the language ... M&C Saatchi’s Age

Concern poster, ’breasts’ ... Rainey Kelly’s Virgin Atlantic with Murray

Lachlan Young ... Nationwide, Tim Delaney’s 1998 version ... VW Passat

obsession ’is that a ruler in your pocket?’ is yet another gem from

BMP ... Wieden & Kennedy’s Nike ’airport’ film featuring the Brazilian

World Cup squad is the most joyous commercial of the World Cup -

actually, of the year ... Mother’s Lilt campaign proves Coca-Cola ads

can be warm ... St Luke’s Fox’s biscuits campaign polarises opinion. We

loved it ... the VW Polo print campaign is the most original of the

year ... McDonald’s World Cup promotions starring Alan Shearer among

many others ... Romario naked in BMP’s Walkers swansong ... ’the Lynx

effect’ as witnessed in BBH’s pre-historic commercial ... Birds Eye

frozen meals’ ’I like your mum’ from HHCL ... BMP’s Sony Stamina

camcorder, beautifully directed by Frank Budgen ... Sugar Puff Daddy

struts his stuff for Y&R ... John West Tuna is a fine achievement for a

difficult client from Leo Burnett ... TBWA’s Sony PlayStation brand

commercial proves that sector need not be awful ... Grey’s Fairy Liquid

work gets better and better ... VW Polo ’tai-chi’ is the freshest spot

of the year ... Ikea on English snobbery garners the inevitable

complaints ... BBH’s Audi A8 gets to the truth about how sad golf clubs

are ... Egg sees HHCL back to its best ... fcuk: it’s fresh, it works,

why doesn’t adland like it? ... Lowes’ Scalextric work is a minor gem

for a forgotten brand.


Craig Pearman, much-loved former sales director of LWT and Yorkshire

Tyne Tees ... Nicole leaves Vic Reeves at the altar and drives off into

the sunset with Bob Mortimer. Papa is stunned ... Bruce Forsyth bites

the dust as Courts spokesman when the account moves to Lowes ... the

Independent’s gay section is axed before it’s born ... Wagadon’s

Deluxe ... Leagas Shafron goes into receivership ... Too many new-media

start-ups to mention here ... Heinz drops its controversial At Home

magazine ... the last Gold Blend couple kiss goodbye after 11 years ...

Sir David English passes away, only to be followed by Lord

Rothermere ... Chic magazine proves it isn’t ... the much-missed Richard

Dunn ... Nigel Grandfield ... the European.


Ri-co-la cough sweets ... Magnus Magnusson in Amerada Gas ... yukky

Hallmark by Leo Burnett ... ’every Carling tells a story’ - it’s just

none of us knew what it meant ... FedEx, the unreadable posters ...

DMB&B’s economical-with-the-truth ad dissuading fans from going to the

World Cup. Blame the client? ... Worthington’s ’real lads’ ... Rover

jumping on the Cool Britannia bandwagon, just as the wheels came off ...

Robinsons Fruit and Barley ’Strawberries will forever taste of courage’.

Please! ... Ford Ka - the less said about it the better. The

repercussions have already been huge ... Citroen Xsara’s Claudia

Schiffer strip proves it’s better to have an idea before you sign up the

celebrity ... FHM and its klaxon ... Nescafe, the mawkish Publicis brand

campaign that everyone has disowned but will probably work ...

Accurist’s ’put some weight on’ ... Persil Tablets - top product

though ... ’love Boots’ ... Ericsson’s irritating Frasier break bumpers.

Don’t you know viewers love this show and you’re messing with it? ...

Jack Charlton in Kerrygold’s Dubliner Irish Cheese (we’re still waiting

for the punchline) ... Mini ... Levi’s - much as we hate to say it, and

particularly the guy walking through the shopping centre with a bare

bum ... Haribo ... Amaretto di Saronno ... the new Ferrero Rocher is not

quite bad enough to be a cult. It’s just plain bad ... the new Renault

Clio (bring back Nicole) ... Pantene ... Norwich Union and those red


And we thought the yuppie was dead. Why is there a garden gnome in the

ad? ... the D&AD’s ’underpants’call to entries ... AOL turns us all off

the Internet ... Nokia tries its best to dissuade us from buying its

excellent phones ... Nasdaq takes a leaf out of P&G’s book and beats us

into submission.

We know who you are now, can you take the ads off air please?


Harry Enfield slams ’overpaid’ admen in the Sunday Telegraph, ’The

agencies are taking their clients for a ride,’ he wrote. ’Being skilled

in the art of deception, they cloak their own high costs in the mystique

of creativity’ ... Equity and the IPA reach an impasse in January ...

Elton John walks off the set of a Citibank shoot after objecting to

being made to push a shopping trolley holding a giant credit card

sticking out of it across a car park. ’Are you mad? I’ll look like a

big, fat, homeless person pushing that thing!’ he said ... ITV threatens

to sue ISBA for defamation ... Leo Burnett’s media merger talks with

Motive stall - a foretaste of what’s to come with MediaVest ... News

International accuses the Mirror Group of cynical bulk sales tactics ...

The cast of Babes in the Wood rejects a proposed sponsorship by

Lil-lets ... ’It’s unacceptable for someone at that level to commit

themselves to a new job, sign a contract, begin the search for an

assistant - and even order a new car - before leaving me in the middle

of nowhere.’ Jean de Yturbe on Joanna Baldwin’s decision to renege on

Bates. ’It’s not something I enjoyed’ Baldwin on her conversation with

de Yturbe ... ITV blasts ISBA’s plans to overhaul TV trading ... the

egos get in the way of the McManus/Leo Burnett media merger.


Paul Woolmington leaves Ammirati Puris Lintas for Young & Rubicam after

just 18 months ... Alan Tilby quits Griffin Bacal after 17 months ...

Philip Circus quits the IPA after 20 years ... Bridget Rowe exits the

Sunday Mirror after Kelvin MacKenzie arrives ... John Sharkey quits the

ad business in February with #2 million of Omnicom’s money ... Nick Gill

quits Wieden & Kennedy ... David Arculus quits United News and Media to

join IPC as chairman ... ’the Ayacola’, Sergio Zyman, ends his

controversial tenure of the Coca-Cola marketing job ... Tina Gaudoin

leaves the struggling Frank ... Stuart Higgins quits the Sun ... Kelvin

MacKenzie exits the Mirror Group after six months ... Alan Bishop as

chairman of Saatchi London ... David Abbott retires ... Fernan Montero

from Y&R (with a fat cheque) ... David Wheldon parts with BBDO ...

Andrew Cracknell from APL ... Adam Kean from Saatchis ... Martha Greene

quits Stark ...


Ikea pulls its ’down-sizing’ ad even though the hundreds of complaints

were not upheld. Burger King pulls ’’king tasty’ after one complaint ...

Ford pulls its ’full Monty’ dealer ad after a complaint about the lack

of a black stripper ... the BACC blocks a pan-Euro launch campaign for

the Fiat Seicento for encouraging reckless driving. The ad, featuring

the car playing football, runs across the rest of Europe ... an image of

two women kissing in a Sisley poster is withdrawn before there are even

any complaints ... Kellogg withdraws its ads about anorexia ... the

Rubberstuffers saga ... Audi’s squashed Duracell bunny ... the Lucozade

’fat slags’ ad is slammed ... viewers complain about the charming

Impulse ’gay ’ ad ... viewers protest about Kevin, the Levi’s hamster -

although it’s not clear if it’s Kevin or the ad that offends - and

overzealous boss Martin Skinner haranguing his staff to prepare for the



IPC completes its #860 million buyout from Reed Elsevier ... Omnicom

acquires the GGT group for #143 million ... Tony O’Reilly takes over the

Independent ... Clear Channel offers #446 million for the More Group ...

Leagas Delaney buys itself out for a bargain #4 million ... Decaux makes

a hostile bid for More ... TV buyers reject ITV’s World Cup rates ...

top advertisers attack BARB over its prices ... Y&R floats. A lot of

staff make a lot of money ... Clear Channel secures the More Group for

#475 million ... WPP buys a stake in Asatsu ... Grey, led by Ed Meyer,

acquires Mellors Reay ... Sky makes a bid for Manchester United ...

Kelvin MacKenzie buys Talk Radio ... P&G changes the way it pays ...

Banks Hoggins O’Shea sells to FCB ... Snyder snaps up Partners BDDH ...

Grey buys the Media Business Group for #28 million! ... the ITC gives

ITV a #90 million revenue boost ... Omnicom swoops on AMV ... Dentsu

plans to take a stake in Leo Burnett.


David Ginola in L’Oreal ... Jerry Seinfeld in Amex ... David Duchovny in

Ford Mondeo ... Dawn French typecast in Terry’s Chocolate Orange ...

Loyd Grossman in Cadbury’s Wispa and then Birds Eye Crunchy Jacks ...

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Tamara Beckwith star - rather improbably - for

KFC ... Les Ferdinand for Horlicks ... Ruud Gullit in Pizza Hut ... Des

Lynam stars in Miracle-Gro ... Mad Frankie Fraser appears for

Campari ... Richard E Grant signs up for b2 ... Alan Shearer sells

McDonald’s ... Tony Adams tips up in Jaffa Cakes ... Paul Whitehouse

succeeds Denis Leary for Holsten ... Michael Barrymore becomes the face

of Daz, in addition to being the face of Kwik Save ... Ronnie Corbett

takes over Pizza Hut ... John Cleese shouts for Sainsbury’s - again.


Louise Jones to MSc from Michaelides & Bednash ... Larry Barker goes to

BMP from WCRS, while Leon Jaume moves from Ogilvy & Mather to take his

place ... O&M’s Billy Mawhinney moves to Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper ...

Lawson Muncaster to Mills & Allen from Eurosport ... Stephen Grabiner to

BDB from United ... Simon Marquis takes over as managing director at

Zenith ... Paul Woolfenden goes to the Express from the Telegraph ...

Simon Rees to MindShare from TMD Carat ... Alfredo Marcantonio joins the

GM team at IPG ... Richard Flintham and Andy McLeod from BMP to Fallon

McElligott ... Steve Blamer arrives from California to take charge at

Grey ... Simon Rees to MindShare ... Rosie Boycott to the Express, while

Simon Kelner replaces her at the Independent, and then hires Steve Miron

from Associated ... Simon Sherwood returns from Singapore to run BBH,

while Martin Smith moves sideways to allow him in ... Stuart Higgins

leaves the Sun and David Yelland arrives from New York to replace

him ... Kelvin MacKenzie quits Mirror Group to take over Talk Radio,

leaving Stan Park and Paul Robinson in the cold ... Test Match cricket

departs the BBC for Channel 4 ... Dave Buonaguidi from St Luke’s to

creative director of Channel 4 ... Mike Tunnicliffe moves to Western,

Mike Smallwood moves out ... Simon King from Carat to Dominic Owens’ new

media operation, the Bridge ... Tony Douglas quits the COI for FCB ...

News at Ten - and not before time ... Dave Droga arrives at Charlotte

Street from Singapore ... Steve Cain from Asda’s marketing directorship

to Carlton.


BSkyB issues a writ against Carlton in a row over compensation for its

forced withdrawal from BDB ... the tobacco companies challenge the

EU-wide ban on advertising in the courts ... the Office of Fair Trading

investigates the TV airtime sales market ... Gillian Wearing, Turner

Prize winner, threatens to sue BMP DDB over it s new VW Golf

commercial ... Duracell plans to sue Audi over the use of a ’run-over’

pink rabbit ... Mehdi Norowzian loses his court battle with Guinness ...

the founders of 180 win their legal battle with Wieden & Kennedy ...

Hello!’s battle with OK! spills into the courts ... Tony Kaye serves a

#1million writ on three former staff.


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