HiPP shakes up DM to boost awareness

HiPP, the organic baby-food brand, is on the hunt for an agency to handle its direct marketing account.

The company is looking for an agency with experience of working in the health-food sector. The review is being handled by the AAR.

The brand does not currently work with a marketing agency, but is thought to have called the pitch to raise awareness of its product range in a rapidly expanding market.

A number of organic baby-food companies have been set up in recent years, including Plum Baby and Little Dish, as parents become increasingly keen to feed their children higher-quality foods.

Last year, HiPP overtook Heinz as the leading supplier of wet meals. The brand has recently relaunched its range with revamped packaging, as well as introducing fresh recipes and formulations.

Currently, HiPP offers a number of organic food and drink products, as well a range of baby gear. It also recently introduced a "baby club" scheme, which provides advice and tips for new mothers.