HM Tower of London executions provide element of surprise

HM Tower of London is targeting domestic visitors with an outdoor campaign from Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy.

The initiative seeks to surprise potential visitors by offering new and intriguing perspectives on the Tower instead of traditional images associated with the attraction.

The 48-sheet posters dramatise the effect of the Tower of London experience, while the 12-sheets focus on individual attractions within the Tower.

One execution shows two boys jousting on space hoppers, with the endline: "Someone's seen the Elizabethan knights at the Tower of London."

In addition, three cross-track executions show everyday objects, such as a jelly baby, that have been beheaded.

Paul Briginshaw, a creative partner at MCBD, said: "Ads for heritage sites tend to focus on the places themselves, so we decided to concentrate on what the experience brings to the visitor."

The campaign was written by Malcolm Duffy and art directed by Briginshaw.

MCBD handled the media planning and Starcom Motive handled the media buying.