Hoare leaves Burkitt DDB to take MD role with healthcare arm

Jo Hoare, the chairman of Burkitt DDB, is leaving the agency and changing roles to become the managing director of a new division, DDB Healthcare Europe.

Hoare will continue to be based in London, reporting to Michael Bray, the president of DDB Europe. Bray said he would not be replaced, leaving the running of the agency to Julian Calderara, its managing director.

Bray said: "The structure at Burkitt won't change and it doesn't require an enormous staff. When we moved the Hasbro business to BMP DDB, some of the management were keen to go their own way. I had an idea on the healthcare business and Jo was doing a lot of work in that area on a taskforce basis."

The healthcare division will pitch for its own business as well as working with existing DDB offices across Europe.

It has been launched to take advantage of advertising opportunities that have arisen from prescription drugs now being available as over-the-counter medicine. Products including the hayfever remedy Claritin, Regaine and the cold sore cream Zovirax used to be prescription-only, but are now marketed to consumers as they are available generally.