Home and dry for Bodyform

A high-profile Five sponsorship provided Bodyform with a consistent, low-cost TV presence

The leading sanitary towel brands are locked in fierce competition for 15 to 24-year-old girls.

However, there are distinct differences in strategy. Always and Kotex focus on key product features while Bodyform appeals to the emotional side of the teenage personality, allowing young women to get on with their hectic lifestyles.

Bodyform’s objectives were to grow volume and market share.

This was ambitious given that the market is static and Bodyform’s budgets have been declining.

Sales needed to come from new users as well as increased frequency of purchase among existing users.

The solution was a high-profile broadcast sponsorship providing consistent, low-cost presence while aligning the brand with content sought by young women.

Home & Away was a programme our target really engaged with and it has strong synergies with Bodyform’s positioning of “active” living.

In fact, its outdoor setting elevated it above other properties – the Home & Away girls went through dramatic ups and downs on a weekly basis, but never let anything so banal as a period prevent them from living life to the full.

The original deal was for oneyear from July 2001 to June 2002.

This was then extended until 31 August 2003. The package included weekday shows at 12.30pm and 6.30pm plus an omnibus repeat every Saturday afternoon.

In addition to sponsorship credits, we also received accreditation on the hundreds of on-air trails, thus communicating our involvement with Home & Away to the wider Five audience.

In terms of exploitation off air, Bodyform’s logo and strapline were present on all Five off-air marketing.

There was a two-way link between Bodyform’s and Five’s websites, and Bodyform received recognition on the regular Home and Away newsletter. Bodyform also sponsored Five’s summer roadshows in 2002 and 2003.

In 2003 alone, Bodyform saved more than £3.5m on the equivalent spot-advertising cost. It enabled the brand to have almost daily TV presence, and in terms of share of voice, this pushed it from number two in its sector to number one.

Bodyform’s brand tracking also reported a significant shift in awareness.

A model to compare awareness of the sponsorship with Bodyform’s most successful commercial demonstrated that the sponsorship was more than twice as efficient at delivering awareness.

Prompted awareness reached 84% for the core target, and key brand measures including “active women” and “best protection” significantly increased.

According to TNS Superpanel Media Span questionnaire, in the last year of the sponsorship the total feminine protection sector saw a growth in sales of 4.9%, total Bodyform sales actually declined, but sales for Home & Away viewers increased by a staggering 15.9%.

This strategy was among those highly placed at the Channel 4 TV Planning Awards, organised in association with Media Week