HomeChoice doubles broadband speeds for customer

LONDON – Video Networks, the owner of HomeChoice, is upgrading its broadband internet services automatically, upgrading customers at no cost.

From February 1, all HomeChoice customers will be upgraded at no additional cost. Subscribers to the basic 512Kb package will be upgraded to 1Mb, 1Mb customers to 2Mb and 2Mb customers to 4Mb.

HomeChoice said that the upgrades would allow customers to enjoy superior online gaming and music and movie. Its broadband offer is part of a package available to 1.4m homes in the South East, other elements of its service include video on demand, digital TV and telephony.

Last week, rivals Telewest and NTL announced they were launching their own video-on-demand services to rival HomeChoice.

Roger Lynch, chairman and chief executive of Video Networks, said: "The HomeChoice internet upgrades demonstrate the strength of our network and our commitment to the internet market in addition to our digital TV, video-on-demand and telephony services."

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