Honda 'choir' by Wieden & Kennedy

Wieden & Kennedy is once again singing about driving in its new £3m Honda campaign. The ad, which launches the new Honda Civic model, uses a 60-strong choir to recreate all the sounds made by the car. Garrison Keillor's dulcet tones introduce the 120-second spot. "This is what a Honda feels like," he says, as the camera focuses on a huge choir standing in a multistorey car-park. As they start their composition, the visuals switch to an engine start button. The first sound they make is a representation of the car starting up, which continues throughout the commercial. The ad moves through various driving experiences, with the choir providing the sound effects. These include the noise of the car driving through a tunnel, to it driving on gravel, to the sound of the windscreen demisting on a frosty morning.