Honda "fuel efficiency" ad dodges ban

LONDON - A press ad promoting the Honda CR-V has escaped a ban by the Advertising Standards Authority after complaints over its fuel efficiency claims.

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We Are Futureproof challenged the ad’s claim that the CR-V was fuel efficient.

Honda said the fuel efficiency was based on factors including the engine, weight of the car and its aerodynamics. It said technical changes had been applied to the CR-V model featured in the ad resulting in fuel efficiency.

The advertiser provided a list of 52 cars of similar specifications as the CR-V, with details of how each performed in horse-power, fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels. The CR-V was shown to have the sixth lowest combination fuel consumption.

The ASA felt the evidence supplied demonstrated that the ad’s claim, made in the context of references to bigger cars and the relative cost of space, was unlikely to mislead.

No further action was deemed necessary.